Aviation Disaster at the Alemany Flea Market

There was a big plane crash at the Alemany Flea Market last Sunday.

Sprawling across several display tables, one of the merchants was selling dozens and dozens and dozens of scale plastic model airplanes.

Plane Crash

Plane Crash

The models had all come from the ceiling-suspended collection of a geeky aviation enthusiast. (I know, I know… that’s redundant.) The collection spanned decades, eras, nations, and types, and most of the models had been built with loving attention paid to paint schemes and insignia.

Plane Crash

Plane Crash

There were just so many planes, all stacked and arranged haphazardly, sometimes a few  planes deep, so it looked as if a tornado had struck a desert aircraft storage yard.

Plane Crash

Plane Crash

Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter wanted to pick out an airplane to take home. She selected a lovely Lockheed Super Constellation in Lufthansa colors, circa 1955.

Plane Crash

A very tasteful choice. Daddy was impressed.

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2 thoughts on “Aviation Disaster at the Alemany Flea Market

    • Ahhhhh. I love such things. Will the person be there next Sunday?? Who was this seller?? ~ Ed

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