Your SFPD Crime Summary for June, 2012: A Sergeant Shortage, Register Your Bike, and Illegal Dumping CSI

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Neighbor Sarah, who valiantly covers the Bernalwood Crime Beat, attended the SFPD’s Ingleside Station Chief’s Meeting this week (so you didn’t have to). Here’s her invaluable summary of the latest Bernal Heights crime news:

RNotes from Ingleside Community Meeting, 6/19/12

Captain Mahoney was away, so Lt. Trina Wearing led the meeting.


The station has recently lost several sergeants, who were promoted to lieutenant and reassigned, as well as another officer who was promoted to sergeant and reassigned. Four new sergeants have just arrived, with one more awaiting confirmation.

One new Lieutenant (Engler) arrived and will be on the day shift with Lt. Yee. Lts. Wearing and Delgadillo also work the day shift (different parts of the week from Engler and Yee).


The Ingleside Station has been working with Supervisor Campos, DPW, and Park and Rec to install signs and lighting where Folsom passes Bernal Heights Park. They are also working with the DA’s office on the investigations. Officers have been making passing calls regularly to check for illegal activity.

For the period May 13 to June 9, 2012:

Incident/# Incidents/% Change vs Prior Month/% Change YTD 2012 vs YTD 2011/# Arrests
Aggravated Assault/15/-48%/10%/5
Sexual Assault/0/NA/25%/0
Auto Theft/44/-35%/26%/7
Theft from Auto/34/-38%/-26%/0

Bicycle thefts continue to be high. The Ingleside/CPAB bike registration program is now up and running. PLEASE register your bicycles so that if they are stolen and the police encounter someone with your bike, they can match it back to you:!__bike-registration. You’ll need your serial number.

The police have also started posting photos of recovered bikes. If your bike has been stolen, please check here to see if it has been posted:!__bike-recovery.

In addition, several local bike shops will have registration information available onsite. Two of the participants are Ocean Cyclery (, 1935 Ocean at Keystone Way) and The New Wheel (, 420 Cortland at Wool).
Sgt. Kumli recently made an arrest that led to the seizure of 115 stolen bicycles. They are pictured at the above website for recovered bicycles.

Lt. Wearing reminded everyone not to wear headphones or become distracted by email on your phone when you’re on BART (or going to/from BART). Robberies continue.


Lt. Wearing reminded the group of the Ingleside Anonymous Tip Line: 404-4035. It is available 24 hours a day. If you need help now, however, still call 911. But the tip line can be used in, for example, circumstances where you want to report something that’s going on but you don’t want uniformed officers showing up at your house. They can send plainclothes units instead. Give as much information as possible on the message that you leave – what activity was going on, where, even names of people involved.

A member of the community reported that the city parking lot at 4550 Mission (behind the Dollar Store) has become quite unsafe because of a large population of homeless people living there. He cited numerous incidents in which people parking there had incidents with this group.

Another member of the community reported aggressive/threatening panhandling occurring at the fast-food places on Bayshore near Cortland.

Another person reported several incidents involving fights at Mission and Eugenia, and someone else reported large groups of teens regularly gathering on Russia between Mission and London.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

One thought on “Your SFPD Crime Summary for June, 2012: A Sergeant Shortage, Register Your Bike, and Illegal Dumping CSI

  1. There were 2 muggings in Glen Park on Thur June 21. One was at approximately 5:30pm @ Bosworth/Rousseau. The woman had her phone stolen; fortunately nothing else happened. The perps were 2 black men ages late teens to early 20s. The other was later that evening @ Bosworth/Lippard approximatley Midnight. This woman was attacked by 3 men (2 black, 1 hispanic) in the same age group as in the 1st attack. In both cases police came immediately. Unfortunately in the 2nd attack the woman ended up with a major head injury & is being hospitalized.

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