Before and After: Backstage During the Curb Appeal Home Makeover on Bocana

Bernalwood is all about the celebrity star-sightings, so you probably remember when we told you about the home on Bocana that was getting a big makeover as part of a reality TV show called Curb Appeal.

The project and the show are done, and Bernalwood is told that the episode about the home on Bocana will air tomorrow, Saturday, June 23 on HGTV-HD at 2:30 pm.

Meanwile, in an exclusive interview, Bernalwood asked the owner of the house, Neighbor John, to tell us what it was like to do a remodel and shoot a TV show all at the same time:

Oh, it definitely got weird. Besides the fact that we were about to give up control of the renovation process (with a little input), my downstairs neighbor and I had to be sure we were available to talk about how everything was going on camera, then watch big chunks of our front yard disappear and come back as a totally (and wonderfully) different house, all while keeping a smile on our faces.

That last part was a little hard when they pulled out some framing on the side of the house and discovered that water damage that had rotted out one of the support beams in front. The time that it took to replace that beam that was very…interesting. I think I spent most of it on tiptoes trying not to trigger an earthquake!

The hosts were great to work with.  John Gidding is incredibly talented at both design and hosting, very professional and willing to listen to us when we had questions or request. And they also knew when to tell us to just relax and trust them – not an easy task when paint colors are going on. I have to mention too that the contractor and his workers were amazing as well, staying late and making sure that it was done in a way that would last far beyond the last camera shot. I hope he can do projects for me in the future.

Add in being recorded throughout all of this, miked up and posed all sorts of ways for angle and lighting, second and third takes because the 24 bus wheezed and blatted it’s way across the street, and it’s a complete whirlwind. We would come home every night and everything had changed all over again. We spent a lot of time just staring at the house every night, going from “Wow, do you think this will look good?” to “Wow, I hope the house doesn’t fall over!” and finally to just “Wow, that’s my house.”.

We are definitely spending a lot more time in the front yard now, and a LOT more time watering plants. There are still times it’s hard to believe this is our house. With all the chaos and the trepidation, the excitement and fantastic experience of it all is something I would do again in a heartbeat!

PHOTO: After shot, courtesy of Neighbor Sarah

14 thoughts on “Before and After: Backstage During the Curb Appeal Home Makeover on Bocana

  1. It’s certainly much nicer! I would have gladly accepted if someone offered me a remodel of my house. That being said when I’m not sure some of the choices made in the front exactly hit the mark for that block. It looks just a bit overdone right now. With time, it may become a regular part of the street. And as I said, I would have happily accepted the offer if it was made to us.

  2. This property is just beautiful! I would love to have my house made over. Don’t have the $$$ flow to do what I’d like to do, nor do I wish to put myself in debt now that I am closing in on the
    half-century mark.

  3. Fabulous makeover….as usual! John Gidding’s vision is beyond compare, and this is another perfect example. Great job John & the entire Curb Appeal teaml!! Very happy homeowners, no doubt!!

  4. The result is indeed lovely.
    Wonder about the historic architectural features. Is/was the house on the “Architecturally Significant” list, and if so how did you get around changing out the original cast iron fencing?

    • No special list, we just applied for the show and got accepted. The fence was definitely not original; it was probably put in sometime the past 20-30 years.

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