The 2012 Summer Solstice Stroll on Cortland, TOMORROW

Cortland Summer Stroll 2011

Tens of thousands of years ago, an ancient tribe of druids gathered in the area that we now know of as Cortlandia for an annual event to mark the longest day of the year. During this yearly ceremony, our proto-Bernalese ancestors celebrated the arrival of the summer season with a gala festival of food, music, fermented drinks, and handicrafts.

Fast forward to 2012, and our local merchants have opted to revive this prehistoric ritual by inviting all the Citizens of Bernalwood to gather on Cortland Street during the longest day of the year, tomorrow evening, June 21st, to enjoy the glamorous 2012 Summer Solstice Stroll!

The Bernal Business Alliance and Bernal Bucks invite you to the second Summer Solstice Stroll on Cortland Avenue:

Thursday, June 21, 6pm – 9pm on Cortland Avenue

Summer Solstice Stroll in Bernal!

The evening will include food tastings, business promotions, shopping, drinking, performances, and music!

If this year’s Stroll is anything at all like last year’s, it will be good clean fun for modern druids of all ages.

PHOTO: 2011 Summer Solstice Stroll, by Telstar Logistics

2 thoughts on “The 2012 Summer Solstice Stroll on Cortland, TOMORROW

  1. The handsome one and I are excited to celebrate our solstice wedding anniversary with all our lovely neighbors tomorrow on Cortland. 🙂

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