Occupy Bernal Protesting Today to Halt Foreclosure of Neighbor’s Home

Those street-savvy social activists from Occupy Bernal are organizing a protest against Wells Fargo Bank today to (hopefully) halt a Bernal Heights foreclosure that will likely result in the eviction of Neighbors Maria and Washington from their home:

Occupy the Auctions to Save the Home of Washington and Maria Davila
Stop Wells Fargo From Selling Our Neighbors’ Home

What: Save the Home of Washington and Maria Davila
When: Wednesday, June 20, 1:45 pm
Where: City Hall sidewalk, rear side (400 Van Ness Ave.)

Occupy Bernal and supporters will protest a foreclosure auction on June 20 to prevent the eviction of our neighbors Maria and Washington Davila. We will also leaflet potential home buyers, calling on them not to buy the Davila’s home.

Maria and Washington Davila have been living in a house they have been renting in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood for the past seven years. Because their Las Vegas landlord Felisa Yambao — who is suffering from cancer — is in foreclosure, Wells Fargo is planning to sell their house at auction today. A new owner-occupant of the house could evict the Davilas and the Davilas would like to continue renting from Ms. Yambao.

“I want to help the owner because she is sick, she has cancer,” Maria said, speaking through a translator. “I have a special interest in helping her because she is very nice, and I don’t want another owner.”

Washington works as a delivery truck driver, and Maria loves to cook Peruvian food. They love Bernal for its parks, quietness, and good neighbors.

PHOTO: Maria and Washington Davila via Occupy Bernal

4 thoughts on “Occupy Bernal Protesting Today to Halt Foreclosure of Neighbor’s Home

  1. I feel for Maria and Washington here, they’re just paying their rent and trying to have a life. But if the landlord hasn’t been paying the mortgage, what’s the bank supposed to do?

  2. I’m left wondering something…
    When I was younger, I rented a flat from someone who “owned” it. It was theirs, not mine. We had an agreement that I would pay them monthly in exchange for living in the flat. All the while, I knew it was not mine… it was theirs. Their property. Well, “they” got divorced and one of them decided they wanted to live in the flat. I was given 3 to 6 months notice. This was after my 1 year lease ran out and I was on a month to month agreement. The reality was, they were nice enough to give me a decent window of time to find a new living situation… Okay, now I’m getting to what I am wondering: Why do renters think as though someone else’s property is theirs? Sure there needs to be rules as to how to conduct the business of landlord / tenant but honestly, the flat was not mine. It was just loaned to me for a agreed upon price and time frame. Move out and move on…

    • I agree with Paula R. Also, if they landlord is suffering from cancer she probably needs to sell the property to pay for her treatments. If the Davilas really want to help Ms Yambao they would move out so the place can be sold. What is about the word ‘rent’ they do not get?! Hopefully, someone bought the house so that Ms Yambao can try to get on with her life. Suggest the tenants to the same.

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