Precita Park and Playground Begin Super-Sexy Makeover

The venerable and much-beloved Precita Park just keeps getting better. But even better things are on the way.

Neighbor Demece, ringleader for the  fabulous Precita Valley Neighbors, brings us an update:

The Precita Park improvements have begun!

Here is a general timeline:

New grass seed has already been planted in the middle of the park, so we’ll have a greener and less muddy park when the rain come again.

June 5 – June 15th, the asphalt trail along the west side of Preicta Avenue will be repaired. This will make it possible for everyone to walk along the trail, and the acacia tree roots that have been breaking up the pavement will be protected.

June 15 – July 15th, the Children’s Playground will be closed for improvements. The improvements are: providing new ground cover under the swings and slide area, tire swings, and picnic tables. The ground cover under the swings and slide area will be a blue/black speckled single rubber platform. The will be a granite platform under the picnic tables. The crazy deadly rubber squares under the tire swing will be a green/black speckled single rubber platform. A water fountain will be installed inside the Playground near the Alabama Street gate. A community kiosk will be installed near the picnic tables. The community kiosk will be a source of information put out by local non profits. The Helen Diller Playground in Mission Dolores Park has one, if you would like to see what it looks like. All the playground structures will be repaired; for example, the planks leading to the wiggly bridge will be replaced. All the structures and sand areas will remain the same. We will get new sand, and we will help shovel it out of the trucks. After the structures are repaired, we will help choose paint colors for the structures. We will help paint the structures. The penultimate satellite spinner stays. No one messes with the penultimate satellite spinner. New signage will also identify the rules of the Childrens’ Playground, similar to the Helen Diller Playground. But then, they don’t have the penultimate satellite spinner. And we do.

And we are immensely grateful to the Community Opportunity Fund, the magical Jake Gilchrist, our fantastic Regional Parks Supervisor Eric Andersen, John Miller our hard working Regional Manger, and Brian our fabulously cool park gardener for making this all beauty happen before our very eyes.

Want to find out more? Or, want to thank Demece for making all this happen? (She’d never tell you that.) The next Precita Valley Neighbors meeting happens on Saturday 6/16 at 9:30 am, at Charlie’s Cafe on the west end of Precita Park.

PHOTO: Precita Valley Neighbors

11 thoughts on “Precita Park and Playground Begin Super-Sexy Makeover

      • I think this entirely depends on if the author means there is really some other, superior spinner (the Ultimate Spinner), and that the Precita Park one is next best, the penultimate.

  1. Why is a the “community kiosk” only “a source of information put out by local non profits”? Can’t individuals or even small local businesses post news there? (Not that I’d want it to turn into a wall of advertising. But a community bulletin board should be open to all in the community.)

    • Seriously! Never have been able to figure out where kids and others do their business around there. Maybe they take their cue from the dogs?

  2. Is no one else outraged by the prospect of new colors for the playground? Why aren’t we coming together as a community to debate which colors specifically honor Bernal’s heritage!? Sheesh. Yet another sign of the gentrification of Bernal…

  3. I am relieved and thrilled with joy that the “penultimate satellite spinner” is not to be messed with. I held on to it with a death grip as I learned to walk as a toddler fearing of a hard landing in the sand beneath it. I sat on it holding hands with a girlfriend, dipping our tender toes in the cool sand as a teenager when I fell in love for the first time. And not to long ago, I visited it as a middle aged man when I was grieving the end of my fathers hard life. It is included in the background of many sets of kodak film of two generations in my family. Family that have passed away as the years have gone by. The cars, clothing, and hair dews of the folks in these pictures tell the story of what life was like in the years when they where taken. This “penultimate satellite spinner” has outlived many of the playgrounds make overs. It will outlive me. I hope it is there for me to sit on as I approach the final years of my life. I hope and I wish that perhaps, as I grow older and my life comes closer to its end, it will be there so I can once again hold on to it with that familiar death grip that I learned so well in the beginning.

  4. Thank you so much for your work to make this playground more accessible to and safe for all neighborhood kids! Very happy to hear about the rubber ground cover.

    I hold out hope that in future we can go farther with universal access modifications to the play structures, but do appreciate that for now kids of all abilities will soon be able to navigate the footprint of our playground with their peers.

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