Local Illustrator Experiences “Bernal Awakening” Atop Our Hill

MariNaomi is a San Francisco-based illustrator who recently experienced the moment that savvy Bernalwood locals like to call “The Bernal Awakening.”

The Bernal Awakening is the profound sensation of euphoria and clarity that occurs when a first-time visitor experiences the jaw-dropping, 360-degree panoramic awesomeness that awaits atop Bernal Hill. Paradoxically, the experience of the Bernal Awakening tends to be extra-intense for San Franciscans who have spent years looking at Bernal Hill, but never before bothered to wander up it.

“How had I not known about this park before?” she asks. (CUE: Bernalwood locals smile knowingly.)

Happily, MariNaomi has the drawing skills to capture that experience in the illustration you see above. Wonderful.

IMAGE: MariNaomi

6 thoughts on “Local Illustrator Experiences “Bernal Awakening” Atop Our Hill

  1. I love this! I’ve been trying like forever to figure out how to give an impression of lots of little buildings spread out over the Mission and she just nails it.

  2. This is fantastic. My sweetie and I had our own Bernal Awakening seven years ago when we wandered up the Esmeralda Steps right after looking at the apartment we later rented. The hummingbirds sealed the deal.

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