Prepare: Next NERT Training Session Starts in June


As wonderful as our beloved chert is, Bernal Heights is not impervious to earthquakes. When the Big One comes, professional emergency personnel will be overwhelmed, and the rest of us will have to work together to stay safe and begin the process of disaster-recovery.

That’s the basic premise of the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Training (NERT) program, which provides regular civilians with in-depth training in emergency preparedness and response. It’s a superb program (I matriculated in 2002), and the next series of training sessions will start next month in Diamond Heights.

Neighbor Edward Whitmore, the NERT Coordinator for Bernal Heights South, tells us:

NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Training) is FREE training given by the San Francisco Fire Department. Learn how to prepare yourself, your family, and your pets for an emergency. Learn how you can help your neighbors in the event of an emergency. The next training is nearby – Diamond Heights

Contact neighbor Edward Whitmore (NERT Coordinator of Bernal Heights South) with any questions. He can be reached at 415.254.3357 or, or drop by his home at 171 Park Street.

NERT Training:

Diamond Heights
St. Aidan’s Church
101 Goldmine Dr

Tuesdays 6:30pm-9:30pm

June 12: Class session 1
June 19: Class session 2
June 26: Class session 3
July 3: Class session 4
July 10: Class session 5
July 17: Class session 6

PHOTO: Erik Wilson

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