Errant Waterfowl Makes Cameo Appearance on Precita

This was probably inevitable, but Bernalwood’s growing reputation for glamour and luxury is beginning to attract wannabes and hangers-on. They come here to see and be seen in Bernal Heights… and they don’t really seem to care how well they fit in to the local environment.

To cite one recent example: Neighbor Dan captured these photos of a waterbird that decamped near his thoroughly landlocked back yard on Precita Avenue. 

Dan writes:

I believe this a Great Heron. I’ve spotted this guy a few times, mostly peering in to Neighbor Mike’s backyard. I’m told Mike has a pond with fish, so I’m guessing that’s what attracted all the attention.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Dan

15 thoughts on “Errant Waterfowl Makes Cameo Appearance on Precita

  1. glamour, heck yeah! he came with the proper designer colors to compliment the house color scheme- or is that a blend-in camo action? either way, it’s life imitating art.

  2. So beautiful! I wish he would visit me. I have a jacuzzi…probably not the same attraction as a pond with fish.

  3. Several weeks ago he (or she?) flew just over my house on Mullen, landed on a pole across the street and then flew down Mullen toward Precita Park. If my memory serves me, I think a great blue heron visited a home on Peralta (with a fish pond) a while back?

  4. Wouldn’t mind seeing one of these on my patio. Nice change from the opossum/raccoon types that frequent my area. But I imagine they have nasty habits as well…

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