Your SFPD Crime Summary for May, 2012; “CSI: Illegal Dumping on Bernal Hill” Edition

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Our ever-valiant Neighbors Sarah and Edie attended the monthly crime-summary meeting at the SFPD’s Ingleside Station last week. This meeting was a special edition, with several celebrity guests from other City departments on hand to discuss the ongoing problem of illegal dumping on Bernal Hill. Per usual, you are advised to read the entire summary, as there are are lots of great info-nuggets in here that can help keep you and your property safe and secure.

And as always, the Citizens of Bernalwood are immensely grateful to Sarah and Edie for their diligent reportage.

CAPTAIN’S REPORT – 15 May 2012
by Captain Daniel J. Mahoney

**New anonymous tip line for Ingleside: 404-4035. This is checked once per day.


Lt. Jim Miller retired from the SFPD on May 14th, with 33 years of experience. He was an excellent officer with great skill in working with the community and will be sorely missed. Lt. Greg Yee will replace him. Yee has 22 yrs experience, most recently in the tech department at the Hall of Justice.

Lts. Mario Delgadillo and Trina Waring are the Night Watch commanders, handling issues when the captain is not present.

DA Sharon Reardon is working out of Ingleside now. When a case comes in, she’s on the scene with expertise and a different perspective from the police, which benefits both.

Deputy City Attorney Jennifer Choi has replaced Jana Clark as Ingleside Code Enforcement Attorney. Jana Clark was reassigned after doing a yeoman’s job. Choi worked with Clark and on cases involving smoke shops that sell illegal drug paraphernalia. As a result, she is already up to speed on the Ingleside District. The City Attorney’s office can be reached at 554-4700, and Jennifer’s email is

Kevin Easton, Community Relations Coordinator for the City Attorney’s Office. As background, the City Attorney is an elected official, with a staff of 200 deputy attorneys. The Office handles civil litigation and civil law, including code enforcement, and represents all City departments, boards, and officials (the DA’s office handles all criminal matters). The Community Relations Coordinator facilitates communication between city officials and city residents, specifically on issues involving code enforcement, and Easton welcomes communications from the public.

Question about code enforcement from attendee: Blighted properties taken over by banks are often left empty and unkempt. Is something going to be done to hold bank owners accountable and make them clean up the mess? There is a code in place that if a property owner holds 10 or more properties they can be dealt with more severely.


Aggravated Assault: 27 incidents, up 17% from last month and up 24% YTD. 15 arrests made.
Primarily domestic violence and some gang problems.

Robbery: 27 incidents, no change from last month but down 25% YTD. 3 arrests made.

Sexual Assault: No incidents, no arrests.

Burglary: 42 incidents, down 26% from last month, up 47% YTD. 5 arrests made. Bike thefts! Seven stolen over the
weekend, with not one serial number on them. IF YOU HAVE A BIKE, WRITE DOWN THE SERIAL NUMBER AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE. Do it now. Yes, now.

Auto theft: 51 incidents, down 35% this month, up 31% YTD. 3 arrests made. Hondas still 90% of all car thefts. Arrests involved perps with shaved keys.

Auto burglaries: 45 incidents, down 18% from last month and down 32% YTD. 0 arrests made.


There was a large group of representatives from various city departments on hand to address the recent dumping incidents, as well as a well-made-up woman from Channel 5 news. Kudos to the Bernal neighbors who got all this pulled together. Unfortunately, only the three usual Bernal attendees of this meeting were present when they were there, so it was a bit of a missed opportunity to provide feedback/requests/suggestions.

Greg Crump, DPW. There have been seven large incidents of illegal dumping on the hill since October, about 6 tons of construction waste, dumped in the middle of the night (best estimate 3:00-4:30am). The City has cleaned them up as fast as possible, but neighbors and all those who walk on the hill should be alert to new activity. Bernalwood reported on the latest of these.

Call 311 if you see stuff dumped and they’ll call the police. If you see a dumping in progress, you can call either 553-0123 (non-emergency dispatch) or 911. If possible, take note of the license number, or any writing on the truck before you call.

The City spends $4 million picking up garbage dumped illegally each year. Illegal dumping comes in two categories: 1) individual junk, like a mattress left on the sidewalk, and 2) larger-scale industrial dumping, such as that on the hill. Small-scale incidents may be prevented by better communication of how to get rid of junk (call Recology at 626-4000 for a pickup – they’ll pick up your bulky items twice a year for free) and DPW will try to put more information out there.

The DA’s Office is working hard to resolve these larger cases, but without a witness or video of the dumping, license plates, descriptions of people involved, or evidence such as addresses in the junk that’s dumped, the cases are difficult to make. Last year, they did successfully prosecute a company that was responsible for a rash of dumpings in the Bayview.

Dariush Kayhan, Superintendant for Bureau of Streets and Environmental Services (BSES), elicited suggestions from attendees, who suggested better lighting for the parking lots and around the hill on the roads and by the residences, cameras, and signs posted informing neighbors of the situation and telling specifically how they can help.

Eric Anderson, Park Service Manager, Rec & Park. They check gates between 6 and 7am six days a week, so dumping is occurring before that. Dumping in other city parks is also common. The city has filmed a PSA about dumping, starring Mayor Ed Lee.

Rex Hale, Battalion Chief of Bat. 6. Dumping is also a fire danger, especially with the summer season. Recent dumping incidents on Bernal Hill involved the dumper setting fire to the debris. Important to call SFFD in if you notice smoke, etc.

Hillary Ronen from Supervisor David Campos’s Office was there; they are working with the above departments and will follow up on the lighting/signs. Campos’s office: 554-5144.


Ingleside became part of District Attorney George Gascón’s restorative justice program by beginning to implement neighborhood courts. These courts encourage community empowerment by giving trained residents a chance to resolve non-violent misdemeanors and infractions within the community using restorative justice. In these cases, non-violent adults are removed from the criminal court system and instead are required to do community service, pay restitution, attend mediation with the victim, or get treatment for issues such as anger management. This can reduce backlogs in the criminal court system, because it removes cases of smaller, non-violent crimes, and often results in tangible consequences for criminals who might otherwise might not be prosecuted at all because of overloaded courts. Neighborhood courts take place in the community. Currently, the Ingleside location is at the Scottish Rite Center on 19th Ave.

The DA’s Office is looking for people to serve as volunteer adjudicators throughout the Ingleside Community. Participants are given 25 hours of training for free. Ongoing time commitment is not that high. Wade Chow and Rebecca Prozan are coordinating the program for Ingleside. Click here for further information.


Will Escobar, Traffic Enforcement Officer for Ingleside, will be putting together a series of operations over the next four weeks. They are not advertising the locations in advance. Each will include an education component so residents understand why enforcement of traffic laws is important for all involved – motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Good news – accidents are down 30%.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Your SFPD Crime Summary for May, 2012; “CSI: Illegal Dumping on Bernal Hill” Edition

  1. My bike was stripped on Friday night on Folsom and Precita. There was a witness who I spoke with who said it was two latino kids, one 6 feet tall and overweight wearing a long shirt, the other a smaller guy with a mustache. They ran in the direction of the bernal dwelings. I’m not sure why I’m posting this here, it’s the second time in a year and I’m just annoyed…..ugh.

  2. Signs need to be posted in Spanish because I have witnessed the culprits while walking my dog.
    They are all the Latino day workers/prostitutes that hang out on Cesar Chavez, it’s ok though San Francisco is a sanctuary city that never prosecutes illegal workers…sad but true.

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