Community Meeting to Halt Illegal Dumping, Tuesday Evening

Illegal Dumping on Bernal Hill

In response to the recent, wretched spate of illegal dumping incidents on Bernal Hill the San Francisco Department of Public Works has joined forces with the Police to hold a community meeting TOMORROW, May 15, at 7 pm at the SFPD’s Ingleside Station.

From the DPW’s announcement:

After three incidents in the last week and a total of five incidents since the beginning of the year of large piles of construction debris and green waste weighing several tons dumped at the base of Bernal Heights Park on Folsom Street, the Department of Public Works (DPW), the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) are asking the public to be extra watchful for suspicious trucks and activities in the area, and also has called for a community meeting that invites neighbors and city departments to meet and discuss the recent rash of illegal dumping in the area.

The public is invited to attend a Community Meeting on May 15th, at 7:00 p.m. at the San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside Station, 1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane, to discuss and learn more about cleanup efforts and strategies to deter future incidents.

Bonus Fun Facts:

  • The material dumped on Bernal Hill during the weekend of May 5th weighed 6.3 tons.
  • The SFPD  says it has stepped up patrols on Bernal Hill to combat the dumping.
  • Looking ahead, the SFPD’s Capt. Mahoney from Ingleside says: “Residents should report suspicious persons and vehicles by calling the non-emergency dispatch line: (415) 553-0123″

PHOTO: Dumping incident on May 7, by Telstar Logistics

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