Bernal Cutlery Organizes Glamorous Art Show for Kids

Here in Bernal Heights, we have many amenities: Spectacular views, glamorous lifestyles, and our very own Japanese-style knife sharpening and cutlery shoppe. Bernal Cutlery, located inside the fabulous marketplace at 331 Cortland, is a true neighborhood gem — and mediafolk outside our immodest little village have started to take note of its awesomeness. (Don’t miss KALW’s recent write up.)

But in true Bernalwood style, the folks at Bernal Cutlery haven’t let all the celebrity go to their heads. Indeed, they’re keeping it real by organizing a cute little contest that will let a few local mini-artists enjoy their own moment in the spotlight:

The 331 Cortland indoor marketplace is hosting a kids art show, and winning artists will get a small prize and have their work hung in the main display window on Cortland Ave. Work not shown in the window will be hung in the ‘hall of honorable mentions’ inside the shop.

We are asking that the kids submit work with the theme:

“Food on The Hill/Food in My Home”

Requirements are:

— Child must be no older then 12

— Work can be of any medium, however be a reasonable size for the window (No bigger then two feet or so.) Children interested in any non-traditional medium should contact Kelly at Bernal Cutlery.

— The deadline is Tuesday, May 22. Submissions should be brought to Bernal Cutlery at 331 Cortland Ave.

Pass this around and get to work!!!!! We can’t wait to see everyone’s lovely art!

Shown above is one early entry in the contest, which Bernalwood has taken the liberty of entitling “Supper with Sutrito Tower.”

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Bernal Cutlery

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