Brand New “Bernal Heights” EP Inspired by Bernal Heights

Okay, this is fun. The Chocolate Penthouse are an electronic music duo, and for a time they lived (and recorded) in Bernal Heights. The result was a brand new collection of music that they’re calling the Bernal Heights EP:

Here it is, after 3 years of sitting on my harddrive, I am pleased to release The Bernal Heights EP. The Bernal Heights EP contains some of the very first Chocolate Penthouse Songs. Julian and I would spend a good part of our practice walking around Bernal Heights, we would explore the many staircases, gardens, and spectacular views. The music is noisy and quirky, we had always wanted to play dance music, but neither of us had a dance music background. However, we like synths and distortion, so those two things together became the cornerstone of our songs.

You can listen to the whole thing (for free!) on Soundcloud. But for an immediate preview, we bring one track from the EP, called Bayshore Sunset. Here are the liner notes:

Bayshore Sunset is tribute to Bayshore Blvd. Blazing trees at night on the 101 overpass is f*cking great. You get the solitude of being away from everyone, the buzz on 101 below you, and the vantage point of looking out on to Bayshore. Bayshore comes alive at certain times of the night, especially when the clubs start getting out. People dip into the jack n box, there are line of cars out the lot and on to the boulevard, everyone feeling good trying to get their eat on before the next adventure. This song captures the beauty and grittiness that is Bayshore Blvd.

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