Unmoved Vehicle Generates New Life on Folsom

Neighbor Regina lives on a section of Folsom Street that does not have weekly street-cleaning parking requirements. Sometimes vehicles park on her street for a long time… so long, in fact, that enough time elapses for new forms of life to enter the world. Regina captions:

A “tree” grows in Bernalwood, in the back of truck that hasn’t moved for a month. With a life preserver.

PHOTO: Neighbor Regina

4 thoughts on “Unmoved Vehicle Generates New Life on Folsom

  1. Clearly, the hill has become a long term parking lot for many folks and as we all know, some are not from here at all. While it has gotten a little better recently, there are the ones that still do not get it. And thats okay.
    Usually, there are many moms with strollers walking, joggers and cross fitters running, neighbors catching there runaway chickens, all vigorously practicing a healthy lifestyle via there chicken catching or routine walks/runs up and down Folsom street. Every Friday, we gladly sweep the front of our home, the front of the apartment building up next to our left (for the decline from the driveways tend to collect a lot of debris) and the two homes down to our right from us. All this not only looks welcoming, but more importantly, it keeps our visitors safe. We are happy to make the extra effort to keep this area clean as the weekend approaches. For this reason, we have added poop baggies located on the front tree from our home and there are garbage bins across from them for proper placement of wastes.
    Frequently, I will inventory the vehicles parked in the area and as a result, quickly learn neighbors from outsiders. It is not difficult. More importantly, one easily sees the folks that behave badly. After all, one only lives here.
    Case in point, this past Monday, a white service pick-up modified with oversized plywood boards to its sides of its small bed was parked across the street from us (yes, in front of the Farmhouse mansion where the chickens live). Well, not only did this guy overstay his visit but he also decided to clean his bed by dumping his unwanted debris on the sidewalk. Little did he know that all was being caught on film by my security cameras. Had I chosen to report, he would be facing a hefty fine for polluting our clean streets and our homes as well. I didn’t. At least not this time. It was not a whole lot and a neighbor kindly cleaned after him. What little was left, I put in my garbage.
    The point is, we live here. these are our homes and we are in charge of keeping them tidy and safe. Jerks like the one I just described need to know that it is not okay to use our neighborhood as a dump or a long term parking lot. There are places for these purposes and I believe we can all agree that the front of our homes are not those places.
    So with all this said, I say to my neighbor, if you see a car overstaying his/her visit, call it in; If you see someone dumping on our sidewalks, call it in. Whatever it is you see that is not proper, I ask that you do not do nothing, please.
    Finally, I have a gasoline powered blower and am offering to help keep your front clean as well neighbor Regina. I understand there is no street cleaning. I wish there where. You know where I am and when to find me. Perhaps the next time you see me (Friday morning), I can happily lend a hand. I would be happy to do it.
    After all, we all live here.

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