Confirmed Bikini Jogger Sighting, Monday Evening

Reader Lynn from the Bernalwood Intelligence Agency shared three photos to document a confirmed Bikini Jogger sighting that took place on Monday evening at approximately 5 pm:

The Bikini Jogger was sighted doing several laps around Bernal Hill on Monday evening amongst hundreds of wondrous neighbors and dogs. The last picture is my husband, trying to fake like I’m actually taking the picture of him.

PHOTOS: Reader Lynn

13 thoughts on “Confirmed Bikini Jogger Sighting, Monday Evening

  1. I spotted her running in Holly Park during the earlier part of her run, when she was still wearing the shirt she’s carrying in your photos. I wasn’t fast enough to snap a pic. 🙂

  2. I see her running in the morning a lot. I’m not sure how her reasoning for wearing a bikini to beat a farmer-tan holds up when it’s 52 degrees and socked in with fog and everyone else has on fleece or down or both. But my son (7) was with me the other day when she ran by in a pink bikini and he was rather excited for the celebrity sighting. A few minutes later, a big guy ran by in sweats. He pondered for a minute and said “huh, first a peacock, then an elephant.”

  3. For real… I’m getting worried about this woman’s safety. Let’s stop posting pictures of her for all the internet to see. (And, just to be clear, any version of, “If she’s jogging in a bikini she’s asking for attention” is called victim-blaming, and it’s really not okay).

    • Seriously? Because posting a lighthearted article on a low trafficked blog (no offense, avid fan) is going to be the downfall of this woman? I guess you can place me in the victim-blaming category. While this means I might be a horrible person, I’m inclined to think it’s the fact that she recreates a Baywatch scene every time she leaves the house – hell, even Baywatch stooped short of pure shamefulness and left it at a once piece.

  4. I have to concur on the “beat the farmer tan” reasoning, but not because of time of day or fog… I run in almost exclusively morning hours and, even with sunblock, the back of my neck is tan while the rest of me is not.

    I suggest there’s also some exhibitionism at play, in that a runner as serious as this one appears to be, I would think, would invest in some properly supportive (though still brief) running attire. The damage she’s doing to her skin will stand next to the damage she’s doing to her unsupported, er, assets.

  5. oh I agree. This is a city, she is a grown woman who clearly can take care of herself. One can only imagine the shout outs, leers, come ons etc. that she endures daily. If she could not handle it, she would not continue. I don’t think anyone here is victim blaming, just stating kind of obvious facts.

  6. She is a legend here in Bernalwood. It has been an organic movement started by HER. I love our brief bikini jogger sightings. Her safety is not at risk as much as yours or mine is. Probably she is safer. I bet there are a lot of people who notice her and would look out for her. We dont know her name, it has never even come up so far as far as i can tell, so she is has privacy. But when you dress in a bright bikini in the city of San Francisco in the dead of winter, you ARE somewhat a spectical. If she doesn’t want the attention, she wouldn’t dress as so. It is not everyday that you see ANYBODY running in a bikini in a big city on any random winter day. I personally think it is pretty cool. Bernalwoods cult favorite if you ask me!

  7. Not to bring down the party, but she does run in more concealing clothing as well…you just don’t notice her when she does. She is my/our neighbor, and while it has occurred to me to be concerned about her, I’ll just assume she’s a grown woman.

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