Jasmine Tea House Reopens Under New Ownership

There was much sadness and gnashing of teeth when the Jasmine Tea House on Mission Street closed last August. The business was offered for sale, and apparently it found a buyer. So now the Jasmine Tea House has reopened. Neighbor Phern tells Bernalwood:

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Bernalwood, Jasmine Tea House has reopened! Owner Robert (last name?) personally delivered my order last night to tell me the news that they have been open for a week with the same menu and making every effort to make sure everything tastes the same.

They offer 18 choices of dim sum …I love their pork and shrimp siu mai, shrimp and chive dumplings. For appetizers I love onion pancake and deep fried oyster, mango prawn salad and sesame cold noodle salad. Sizzling beef, basil ostrich, Shanghai fillet and Peking duck are a few of their specialties.

PHOTO: Mr. Judkins

4 thoughts on “Jasmine Tea House Reopens Under New Ownership

  1. I had been outraged that their delicious Sesame Meatless Chicken, which is considered one of the best vegan dishes in the city, was no longer on the menu, but we found out last night that they will make it if you ask for it. Hooray!:
    The Kung Pao Meatless Chicken, which *is* still on the menu, is also good.

  2. Robert was on one of the previous partners, he just took over the whole operations and brought in some other folks to work.

    The menu hasn’t changed much, and he has been really concerned about making sure it all tastes the same as it did in the past. It’s nice to have Jasmines back!

  3. fyi—technically new ownership, but management is the same person, Robert, who has been there for 12 years! He’s planning some special dining-in only dinner items too…

  4. Also Big Lantern Chinese food on 16th St near Valencia St has a lot of similarities to Jasmine Tea House, the meatless chicken dim sum items are pretty good at Big Lantern.

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