Another *&^%$#@!!! Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill

If you wander up to the Folsom Gate on Bernal Hill this morning, you will be greeted by this awful pile of trash dumped there by a thoughtless douchebag.  Our vigilant reporter on the hill says:

It’s now time for torches and pickaxes.

That’s a good idea, but an infrared video surveillance system might do some good as well.

UPDATE: Neighbor K tells us there was a dumping incident on Crescent last night as well:

27 thoughts on “Another *&^%$#@!!! Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill

  1. Let’s put the camera on that delightful rooftop plaza just opposite.. you know.. the place where we all meet for Friday cocktails?

    • Neighbor Regina reporting. We have been trying to get a camera going on that parking lot since the first dump but we (surprisingly) can’t get a good shot of the parking lot from there. The other problem is many trucks carrying debris come and go this way. We wouldn’t be able to capture someone coming or going. I think the best spot would be hidden in the little notice hut in the parking lot. As for Friday cocktails, I’ve just gotten over first trimester morning sickness so alcohol hasn’t been a big priority. My husband is dying for some cocktail company, so stand by for Bernalwood cocktail party invite in the spring.

  2. I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1997 and know of only a handful of times that this has happened. I appreciate the sentiments, but I don’t much like the idea of surveillance cameras on or around the hill. Not that I or anyone I know ever does anything on Bernal Hill I wouldn’t want captured on video tape mind you…

    • I agree about not wanting surveillance cameras, but I’ve been living here since August 2011 (less than a year) and this has happened five times. It’s the quantity of the trash that makes me livid. I call 311 all the time for trash bags left all over the hill (seven large ones last week), but this is a whole different level of criminal. I’m open to all kinds of solutions, but I believe a camera would be the best way to capture and prevent dumping. I don’t think the culprit is scared of signs.

      • I’m willing to believe the culprit is unafraid of signs, but… what about an official looking sign, warning of video surveillance, AND an infrared video camera mounted on the notice board? I’ve got such a camera, and it looks just like the one in the sign, and has a blinking light to draw attention to itself.

        Bad news: the camera is fake. Good news: it runs for three months on two AA batteries.

        I’d be happy to go in on a real game camera, too. The two could work together. A dumper might try to disable the fake camera, not noticing that he’s presenting himself to the camouflaged real camera.

        I would be happy to discuss these ideas over cocktails.

      • The cameras will fix it. While I was remodeling the “haunted house,” I had this same problem. Much of the garbage that came out during my remodel was not of my house. It was coming from people behaving badly. I got tired of it. This guy just would not stop. So I put cameras on the roof and it never happened again. Heck, as far as I am concerned, I am willing to bet it is the same guy. He is just driving up a little higher. So yes Regina, cameras work the best. It will get rid of the problem and stop folks from dumping trash bags on our hill.

  3. The southwest corner of Appleton/Holly Park Circle has turned into a regular dumping location as well. $%&#&! indeed!

  4. Last time this happened, I was about thisclose to ordering one of these:

    Any thoughts on whether DWP, Rec & Parks, or any other agency would remove it or leave it alone? My hunch is that the sign would be the biggest deterrent, and that cameras, real or fake, could be added later…

      • I think the sign on the right in the picture, kind of leaning back toward the hill, but I think it’s for the handicapped parking space.

        No idea what to do about people dumping in the middle of the street. Public ridicule, in stocks, I guess, but you’ve got to catch them first…

      • Mr. Bernal lived on my street when I first moved here. He had at least five cars full of trash on the streets and a yardfull of garbage. The rats could be seen running on his curtain rods in the broken living room windows. Thank the lord they finally whisked him away.

  5. Saw a huge pile of trash on Crescent street (just past Moultrie street) this morning. This pile wasn’t on the side walk or anything. It was actually on the street. Cars coming up from Alemany have to go around it. I mean, really?

  6. I saw the pile of trash too on Crescent Ave. this morning. I thought might have been from a house fire but the pile was almost in the middle of the street!

  7. there’s always dumping near the Alemany flea market as well and all along the sidewalk going under the 101 – just sad…

  8. Hey: I live over in Ingleside by City College, and this happens quite frequently in the unimproved lot on our block. We did put up a “no dumping sign,” and it has helped to a point. You can actually call and they will send you the standard SF department of public works “no dumping” sign. However, it’s on you to install it. I would suggest a t-post with a t-post driver. Lowes sells flat pieces of sheet metal that you can stick the sign to. It’s probably about 15 minutes of actual work to put together.

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