Remembering Bernal’s Back Yard Motocross Track

Bernal Heights old-timers sometimes grumble that the neighborhood used to be a more wild and wooly place, back in the day. And that may be true. But “back in the day” wasn’t really all that long ago. For example, did you know that Bernal Heights was once home to a private motocross raceway? And that this raceway was in operation as recently as 2007?!

The track was located on a loooooong, narrow yard on Alabama Street near Precita Park, and the homeowner at the time was James Sidwell. He tells Bernalwood:

I operate Superplush Suspension, a motorcycle suspension shop in Dogpatch.

I owned that house for ten years. We built a pretty good minbike track with the leftover yard space out back. Around fourth of July, I would have an annual BBQ and XR 100 race out in the yard. We cooked pork shoulder from 5am, brought in a keg of Pabst, and ran laps till dark.

There were injuries, kids playing, a good time had by all. The neighbors were great, since we mandated stock quiet exhausts and only ran all day once a year, at the party.

As proof, here’s some footage shot during the 2007 Bernal Heights 500. (Extra bonus, kids on a trampoline!) How’s that for city living?

8 thoughts on “Remembering Bernal’s Back Yard Motocross Track

    • Exactly. the noise, pollution, dust. yuck.
      This is a city, not some desert hell hole in the Mojave.

    • I think you must be thinking of something else.. This was pretty quiet (think lawnmower, certainly quieter than leafblower).

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