Sandbox Bakery’s Spinoff at 903 Cortland Now Open

903 Cortland

903 Cortland

903 Cortland

Tasty news. 903 Cortland, the new spinoff from the tastymakers at Sandbox Bakery, opened this week. The Inside Scoop blog brings the, er, inside scoop:

Now open for breakfast and lunch service (with more soon to come) is 903, a new Bernal Heights eatery from Mutsumi Takehara and her folks at nearby neighborhood favorite Sandbox Bakery. As you may know, Takehara was the pastry chef at places like La Farine, Chez Panisse, Rubicon and for 10 years, the Slanted Door.

Unlike the smaller Sandbox, there’s some indoor seating here, plus a refrigerator case with prepared items. Hours are 8am to 3pm for now. On February 1, Takehara says dinner will begin, with hours extended to 7am to 8pm.

Click through to read what’s on the launch menu. Yum.

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9 thoughts on “Sandbox Bakery’s Spinoff at 903 Cortland Now Open

  1. It just dawned on me why nothing in this space does the business that it should … I’m on cortland once, sometimes three times a day, and I had no idea this space was even being renovated! Maybe that’s just me. I love Sandbox and I’ll make the effort to get there!

  2. The renovation happened quickly, so it was easy to miss… Maggie Mudd was in there previously and did good business for a long time, but I felt their quality dropped off the last couple years.

    Gonna pop in there this weekend.

  3. Glad to see that Cortland Ave is steadily improving. This new cafe will surely be an asset. I’m up on Cortland 2-3 times a week.

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