2 thoughts on “Sunburst Behind Our Sutrito “Tower of Power”

  1. Fliers are posted at the two main Bernal Hill Park entrance points announcing that the City’s Recreation & Parks Department are holding meetings to decide the fate of our beloved park. The first of three meetings listed will be held at the library on Cortland Ave. at 6:00PM on the evening of Jan. 25th. Not much is said in the announcement, but two further meeting dates are given, with the third meeting set to announce the changes to be implemented. This call for ‘input’ seems kind of rushed. It may be worth attending to see what they are up to.


  2. My Dad designed that tower for Motorola. When we bought our house you could still see it, and he goes, “Hey son, that’s my tower!”. I was like, oh so that’s what he was doing all those years…

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