Dissident Parrots Establish New Identity In Bernal Heights

The Bernalwood Intelligence Agency has received numerous signals recently about wild parrot sightings around Bernal Heights. Our Political Unit analysts have determined that the parrots are refugees from Telegraph Hill who fled to Bernal Heights to escape the stultifying NIMBYism and shrill politics of that part of the City in general — and Aaron Peskin in particular.

Naturally, Bernal Heights has welcomed the dissident parrots with the warmth and neighborly tolerance for which we are famous. And now, Joe Thomas has captured video footage of the colorful birds frolicking in our midst. Joe says:

I’ve seen these guys around on the east side of the hill occasionally, since at least last March.

Today, I was finally quick enough with the iPhone camera  to get a few shots of them. I heard them at about noon, outside my back door on Peralta. They were making kind of a “ha-ha-ha-ha” laughing sound, which you can hear in my video:

There were three of them, climbing around on a neighbor’s bird feeder and chattering. I’ve seen them in larger groups at the feeder, and in the trees next to the stairs from Esmeralda to Franconia. This was the first time I’ve seen them in 2012. I imagine they needed some extra calories after the cold night last night.

Next up, of course, comes the award-winning documentary: The Dissident Parrots of Bernal Hill.


14 thoughts on “Dissident Parrots Establish New Identity In Bernal Heights

  1. I’m glad you caught them on camera! I’m never fast enough. But I’m always happy to hear that cackling laugh, and then look up and see a flock of them going by.

  2. We have a flock of them in Glen Park that you can often hear near the Canyon, it’s probably more likely that they wandered over from there.

  3. Their timing is impeccable. In late December, they flew over Mullen avenue every day at ~8:20am, and back around 3:45p. A small flock also visits the juniper bush at the end of our block in late July/early August.

  4. I’ve been seeing them fly over the SE part of the hill above the farmers market around 3pm for the past few weeks. On Monday they flew past me as I was walking around Bernal Hill. They headed towards the Mission or farther–I wished I had a telescope with me to see where they were going. They make a hard to miss racket. I was wondering if they were headed to Telegraph Hill or Dolores Park–two places they have been commonly seen.

  5. They’ve been coming into the Inner Sunset for the last six months or so — first time I recall seeing them in my neighborhood.

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  9. Hi. This is Mark Bittner, author of the book and human subject of the film “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.” The flock has been expanding its range for quite a few years now. They’ve been seen in Brisbane. It’s become to large, I think, to be just one group. Anyway, I’m here to tell you that Aaron Peskin is their friend. He’s my friend to and I don’t like it when people get down on him. It seems kind of obtuse frankly. He’s been the subject of a campaign of vilification by the Chamber of Commerce and other lovers of money above all else. I’m grateful to him for being willing to fight the good fight. And it is a good fight.

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