Bernal Software Developer Creates “Top 10 iPad App of 2011”

Locavore technology alert! Neighbor Moshen calls our attention to the fact that the iPad/iPhone app he developed was named a Top 10 iPad App for 2011 in The New York Times.

I’ve lived here for almost ten years and am an independent iOS developer. Last week my app was featured in the New York Times top 10 iPad apps for 2011. It was developed by myself, working from home and sometimes at Charlie’s Cafe. The app is called Living Earth HD.

Woo hoo! Here’s what the NYT’s Bob Tedeschi had to say about it:

LIVING EARTH HD WORLD CLOCK AND WEATHER ($1). In a sea of more complicated and ambitious apps, Living Earth is beautifully simple. It offers a live satellite view of the globe so you can glimpse cloud cover in your area, while a graphic tells you the current temperature along with the dayโ€™s predicted high and low. You can add favorite locations, and for striking weather events you can take a snapshot of the globe and share it. It makes for a stellar desktop companion during the day, with its slowly spinning globe, and a comforting stalwart on the bedside table at night, with a reliable alarm tuned to your favorite music.

You can download Living Earth HD in the iTunes App Storeย for just $0.99. (Note: 4.5 stars with 9000+ ratings. WOW!) Congrats, Moshen!

12 thoughts on “Bernal Software Developer Creates “Top 10 iPad App of 2011”

  1. Just rushed over to the App Store and got my copy – great to be able to support our neighbors especially when they don’t have a visible store front ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to Todd for posting and to Moshen for developing!

      • Cool! i’m on the other side of Bernal and work out of my home office. Never done charlies (believe it or not) but it woul dbe cool to meet. tried precita park cafe the other day and it rocked! it might become my second office ๐Ÿ˜‰

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