Meet the Kuta Family. They Lived Here For A Long Time

Every once in a while, Bernalwood receives a note from someone who used to live in Bernal Heights, but moved away. It seems that some of these ex-neighbors now read this blog to stay in touch with the old neighborhood. They’re the Bernal Heights Alumni Network, and they carry our history with them.

Last week, I received a lovely note from one such Bernal alum. Patricia Kuta now lives in Santa Rosa, Calif., and she writes:

I spent my first 20 years on Bernal Heights… 1st on Gladys St. then Nevada St.  My mom was born on Crescent Ave., and lived on Nevada St. for 70 years.  It is so heartwarming to get your posts and tidbits from the ‘hood!!  I don’t get into the City as much as I want, but you bring me “home” daily!  Bless you all….

First of all, that made my day. Secondly, it made me realize how much of our history now lies in places far, far away from here.

So when I replied to Patricia, I asked her to send a photo of her mother when she lived in Bernal Heights. The fantastic photo you see above is what I received.

This is a picture of my mom, Erma Crociani Kuta (the youngest in the middle) with her siblings and cousins… I think on Crescent St. They moved to 176 Nevada St. in 1929.

Many thanks to the Kuta family, on behalf of everyone here, now, in glamorous Bernalwood.

PHOTO: Erma Kuta, courtesy of Gregory Fearon

17 thoughts on “Meet the Kuta Family. They Lived Here For A Long Time

  1. Wow! Thanks for posting my family picture. To be complete, here are the names from l-r (and relationship to me):
    Domenic Crociani,(uncle), Anne Pioli Keegan(cousin), Minnoti “Ace” Pioli (cousin), Erma Crociani Kuta (mom), Richard Crociani (uncle), Ines Crociani Ragghianti (aunt), Orietta Pioli Pollini (cousin). Sadly only Ines and Ace are still living at 92.

  2. Spot on re your assumption of distant fans… Bernal Heights Alumni from faraway follow your doings with great interest.

    In my case, I departed Precita and all things Bernal in’67 after a 10 year stint. Currently in northern Virginia.

    Great work.

  3. Hi Pat,my name is Bill Mckenzie,grew up with your brother Ken,great memories of your family,Both your Mom and Dad and Gigi,remember free burgers and shakes at the store downtown,talked with Ken after your Mom Passed,all my best to you and yours

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