Christmas Carolers Light Up Virginia Street, Demand Figgy Pudding

Carolers visit a house on Elsie Street.

’Twas the week before Christmas, the kids were in bed, when all of a sudden, my dear husband said, “Hey, is there, like, someone singing carols outside?”

Indeed, there was! From our front porch we spied a couple dozen carolers, faux candles in hand, fa-la-la-ing a house down the hill from us on Virginia Street. It was quite the touching tableau.

Away to the scene I flew like a flash… and managed to micro-interview the organizer of the merry band. As it turns out, that person is none other than my neighbor Vail, famous around these parts for her gregarious cat Bill.

Bernalwood: Hey, this is great! How long have you been doing this?

Neighbor Vail: About 25 years, I think. My son is 32 now, and we started when he was 5 or something. We’d put a bow on our dog, and we took him around too. We just decided it would be a fun thing to keep doing. Different people come every year as we get more friends.

Bernalwood: Can I come next year?

Neighbor Vail: Yes, absolutely. Come right now!

… and so I did for a bit, singing with my across-the-street neighbor and his lovely young daughter on one side of me, and the youngest caroler in the bunch, one baby Rio, on the other. And yea verily, my heart was filled with joy and gladness.

In case you didn’t manage to catch Virginia Street Carolers, here’s a tiny bit of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (I wish it were longer, but my battery was dying), sung on the corner of Virginia and Eugenia. Never mind the differing factions on the figgy-pudding lyric – “bring it right here,” “bring it right now” – whatever, it’s clear this crowd is serious when it comes to holiday merriment!

One thought on “Christmas Carolers Light Up Virginia Street, Demand Figgy Pudding

  1. So glad they were out there. I was thinking of proposing a caroling group of Paul Revere kids for next year, so this is great!

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