Cool New Cafeto Caffeinates Bernal’s College Hill

While all of us Northsiders have been solipsistically celebrating the opening of the new Precita Park Cafe, a cool new coffeeplatz has also opened on Bernal’s southwest slope, on Richland just off Mission.

It’s called Cafeto, and Neighbor Lisa was kind enough to share the 411:

As a proud citizen of South Bernal, I wanted to let Bernalwood readers know about a great cafe that just opened up at 111 Richland St (near Mission St). I wandered over yesterday and met Victor, the owner. Victor is a super-friendly guy who worked as a barrista for 7 years before opening Cafeto His whole family is in the coffee bean biz, and his brother personally roasts the beans for the cafe.

Victor told me he “truly loves making and serving up coffee,” and it shows!

The entire front of Cafeto opens up with sliding windows, there is great afternoon sun, and the beautiful recycled wood counter at the front provides gives a great vantage point to watch the South Bernal world to go by. The interior is painted in rich, warm hues, beautiful old/recycled wood accents are everywhere, and there’s free WiFi.

The lattes were very affordable (better than most Mission cafes), and super tasty. There was fresh squeezed OJ, fresh fruit and berries, and a wide variety of tasty sandwiches and pastries.

Victor told me he would have outdoor seating set up soon. He is super dog-friendly, and will (soon have) special outdoor leash hooks to safely hook up your pup while you sip inside. Victor keeps a mad stash of doggie treats for visiting four legged furry friends.

Cafeto is close to Holly Park, so head on over post-doggie walk or playground romp, or just go for the great vibes and a 20 oz. latte or mocha for only $3.50. The 20 oz. house coffee is just $2.50!

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Erik “Dela” Cruz

10 thoughts on “Cool New Cafeto Caffeinates Bernal’s College Hill

  1. Glad to see this post. I’ve been twice already and had the breakfast bagel this morning plus a cap. Excellent coffee and really friendly vibe.

  2. And since it’s right across from Balompie No 3, that intersection is obviously becoming a cost-effective, kid-friendly corner of tasty food/beverage/socializing.

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  4. we totally needed a coffee shop here. it was my little dream to open one myself because I’m snobby about coffee, but I gave them a try and it’s good. Balompie (jalapeño pork pupusa !) is also a huge favorite, as well as the newish deli that opened up in New College Market at Richland and Mission – great sandwiches (Boar’s Head) at great price. freshly sliced to order and toasted even! Owner said that he gets the bread first thing in the morning on his way in and it shows. And their price per pound of Boar’s Head is less than the local butcher’s. anyway, with St. Mary’s Pub being so awesome, I am glad business is coming our way. Now, if I always needed hair cuts it was be lovely, since there are like 5 “salons” within 2 blocks.

  5. I’ve been meaning to check this place out ever since I read this post and finally got around to it today. The sandwiches are huge and delicious! I love the big open windows which let in sunlight and fresh air. It makes working in a cafe (for us remote working types) so much more pleasant. I will definitely be coming here more often!

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