Bernal Artist Transforms Traffic Lights Into Tableware

Neighbor Lauren Becker has been busy of late, creating industrial-chic tableware from recycled glass. This weekend she’s having an open studio at Recycled Glassworks on Bonview to release some of her new work:

Ever wondered why Bernal Heights doesn’t have any traffic lights once you leave the “flatlands” of Mission/Cesar Chavez/Bayview?

I have them. Sort of.

I just got a good load of traffic lights lenses in — thrown out by surrounding neighborhoods. When they leave my art studio, they have been turned into eye-catching plates. In my Bernal studio, I have been upcycling plate glass into functional tableware for many years. Usually I create artful bowls and dishes from windows, which were discarded by contractors or homeowners nearby.

Occasionally, traffic light lenses come my way. The traffic light dishes are a rare sighting because most glass lenses have already been replaced by more efficient LED lights. If you hate red lights, here is your revenge: eat from them!

This weekend, for the first time, I will open the doors for a Holiday Open Studio where the neighbors can see the entire collection:

Saturday/Sunday (Dec 17/18), noon to 5pm at 238 Bonview St (half a block from Cortland Ave, around the corner from Avedanos).

PHOTOS: Recycled Glassworks

4 thoughts on “Bernal Artist Transforms Traffic Lights Into Tableware

  1. If you like that, you might also enjoy seeing some of my uncles (who passed a couple of years ago :() work. He worked in large scale in public spaces. He has many commissions around the usa. His name is Richard C Elliott … Or as i know him Dick Elliott. Him and his wife also have a house that has been on HGTV among others for their strange roadside America series. You can see his art and Him and his wifes place “Dick And Jane’s Spot” as well as his artwork at

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    Ps. I also just got this link from Jane… It is really pretty cool vid.

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