New Bernal Heights Art Print Celebrates Our Spirit Animal

A few months ago, the graphic designers at TheGRQP released a series of wildlife-themed prints about San Francisco neighborhoods. Pacific Heights is a fox. The Castro is a peacock. Japantown is a goldfish. And so on.

The prints were lovely, but one neighborhood was conspicuously missing: Bernal Heights.

So in an email, I says to them, I says:

Hey! What about Bernal Heights??! We’re famous! We’re glamorous! Plus, I’ll do the research for you. Here is the animal you should associate with our neighborhood.

They received my suggestion warmly, and now the Bernal Heights print is available for sale.

San Francisco’s neighborhoods have such personality, and we at the GRQP believe each tends to bear a likeness to a particular animal. High atop their perch at the microwave tower, these owls watch over Bernal Heights. Every night they remain vigilant for the residents and wildlife alike. It is these owl’s dusk to dawn duty, nay, their nocturnal mission to keep this neighborhood safe. Whether you live in Bernal Heights or not, with these owls on your wall, you won’t help but feel protected.

Notice also the cameo appearance by Sutrito Tower.

Yaaay! The image 11×14, and printed on archival paper. And just $22! I just ordered one for the Cub Reporter’s bedroom.

16 thoughts on “New Bernal Heights Art Print Celebrates Our Spirit Animal

    • Hey GG,

      We are trying our best to get more neighborhoods out soon! Glen Park will definitely be high up on our list to design next. Stay tuned – we want to make sure we get these right so we don’t want to rush them out the door. Follow us on Twitter to be sure you know when it releases!

      Thanks again for the suggestion!

  1. On a historic note, the late English artist Samuel Marsden Brookes & family members were residents of Bernal Heights from late 1860s to 1942. They lived in one of the oldest homes in BH – 34 Prospect St.. He was also one of the founders of the Bohemian Club; the owl is their mascot.

      • Thanks Todd. This is from the book series: Images of America – San Francisco’s Bernal Heights. A very informative book about BH. There are a lot of now & then photos of the neighbhorhood. You can find it at most small bookstores. As for the BC owl mascot – There is a big owl with the saying underneath “Weaving spiders come not here…”

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words and support! We are so pleased you like the print – it’s one of our favorites so far šŸ™‚ We are hoping to release more prints in the next few weeks so we will keep you posted!

    • I saw that hawk late afternoon on Wednesday. I also had my dog heel close since a young hawk may not know yet to not snatch small dogs.

  3. The Bohemian Club founder connection is interesting but….

    Bernal has a really weak claim on the owls. The true owner of the owl emblem should be Portola. Just go to McClaren Park and see and hear the owls.

    I prefer the cricket idea. They are pretty common here.

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