Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse, As Seen from Bernal Heights

So, did you happen to catch the lunar eclipse that took place at around 6 am last Saturday, December 10? It was a total lunar eclipse, which means that the moon seemed to disappear for a few moments as it passed through the Earth’s shadow.

Neighbor Joe Thomas woke up early to capture the cosmic event from his apartment in Bernal Heights (so you didn’t have to). He then compressed the results into the fabulous time-lapse video you see above.

It’s like, totality, dude.

UPDATE: La Lengua rebel leader Burrito Justice also arose early to watch the eclipse, and he took some great photos from atop our Bernal Hill homeland. Sutro Tower and a disappearing moon… together at last!

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse, As Seen from Bernal Heights

  1. Love the Sutro shots from Burrito Justice. After taking that first time-lapse, I headed up the hill to try to get something similar, but sadly, the iPhone camera was not up to the task. Sutro looked great, but the moon was too dark to show up.

    FYI, I had the “wrong video” problem again in Firefox, on the main page. Chrome and IE look fine, but in Firefox, I saw the “Totally Unprepared” video on this post. It fixed itself on the third reload. Weird.

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