Grinch Thieves Steal Laptop From Rock Candy Snack Shop

This makes me so angry. Reader J. visited the new Rock Candy Snack Shop on Cortland today, but Heather Young, the store’s co-owner, had a very bad day:

I was walking by the new candy store this afternoon and finally went in for the first time to check it out. What I found was poor Heather sobbing uncontrollably while talking to the police on the phone. Apparently two people came in, the girl asked Heather for a glass of water, Heather nicely went to the back of the store while the other ran off with her brand new laptop. She was really shook up. She also told me this was the second robbery at her store! First time they took money, but not at gunpoint. I felt so bad that I couldnt help her so that I bought a chocolate advent calendar.

Grrrrrrr. Seeeeeeeeeeeethe.

Needless to say, if anyone has any information that could assist in the apprehension of the vermin who grabbed the computer, please contact the SFPD’s  Ingleside Station.

PHOTO: Heather from Rock Candy Snack Shop, by Telstar Logistics

22 thoughts on “Grinch Thieves Steal Laptop From Rock Candy Snack Shop

      • Hey Todd. Neighbor here. Do you think we can actually set up a fund for Heather?

        I love your blog, btw.

      • Todd – Would you let us all know how we can contribute? I’d suggest someone actually talk to Heather to see what she needs first. Then, find out if someone can donate a used one or set up the fund and buy her a gift certificate to Apple, etc.

  1. we should all go down there and buy things, at the very least. That’s just terrible. Asking for a glass of water in a retail store is a bit of a red flag, but I’d probably fall for it, too. It’s so hard when you run a place by yourself. really sorry to hear it’s the second robbery. It’s hard enough starting a business.

  2. I’m finding it hard to find the words.

    “WTF” doesn’t do justice. It’s a CANDY STORE. I mean, really. What does she need to do? Build it up like a bank, with glass partitions to prevent theft?

    On the other hand, perhaps someone in the neighborhood who has a background in retail security could work with her on some theft-prevention techniques. I’m in a controlled-access office building and my laptop is locked to my desk. I’ve seen retail solutions with cash drop-boxes so that 20s can be slipped out of the register periodically throughout the day. Security cameras might be less expensive these days. Sure, all these solutions cost money, which is why someone with more knowledge in this area might be able to help her with cost-benefit analysis.

  3. This sucks.. seems like there is a lot of crime targeted at Bernal businesses..

    Soon after they opened Maggie Mudd had a little children’s area in the back with three iMacs. Someone broke in and stole all three..

    Martha’s was robbed at gunpoint early in the morning a few years ago…

    A guy who worked at a liquor store in Bernal was shot to death after his store was robbed so that he couldn’t testify. The case against the accused killers is about to go to trial:


  4. The amount of crime in Bernal Heights is getting bad, we need to watch out for eachother, my car was recently broken into, and everything inside was stolen – I feel bad for Heather, I know what it’s like. I’ll come buy some candy, but I know that wont help very much.

    Note that I also heard recently that someone beat up a guy for an iPhone – the guy ended up in SFGH. It’s

  5. Heather, you should talk to Darcy at Heartfelt, if you haven’t already. She’s a wiley retail veteran and may be able to give you some tips on what security measures you can take for running your store on Cortland

  6. I stopped in to pay a little retail love today. I just don’t get how someone could make some sort of human connection with someone and then rob them! It is just plain rotten. Ultimately, love and neighborly caring is the most powerful of all. Heather, we are looking out for you and the rest of our local merchants!

  7. Heather is really a most perfect addition to this neighborhood. She is a sweetheart and does not deserve it. I agree that if everyone would put in a few dollars we would really show her how much she is supported. I would be willing to take a collection at Emmy’s if that is easy for people.

  8. I visited the store over Thanksgiving and the gal (not Heather, but her business partner) was in the back, rustling around. She clearly didn’t hear us come in, but because I’d heard about the first robbery, I called out hello and she said she’d be right out. It still took her a while to emerge, in which time I could have stolen half of her stock if I had thievery in mind.

    Soooooo … Rock Candy totally doesn’t deserve to have this happen, but I was really concerned at the time that this was waaaaay too lackadaisical an approach to security, especially with the open-plan layout of the store. Maybe they need to build a counter across the front of the shop and add some plexiglass panels — anything to prevent more opportunistic robberies.

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