… In Which I Am Revealed to Be Only Marginally Prepared for a Very Big Earthquake

A few months ago, I volunteered myself, my daughter, and my home to serve as on-camera crash-test dummies for a series of earthquake-preparedness videos produced by Totally Unprepared, a public-awareness organization which describes itself as…

… what happens when you put forward-thinking state agencies, earthquake geeks, social media nerds, a web analytics genius, a professional filmmaker, a hot firefighter or two, and a bunch of unsuspecting Californians in a blender and hit frappe.

During their visit to our home, Totally Unprepared pretty much put us through a blender and hit frappe. But that’s what we’d signed up for, to foster better earthquake preparedness in California — and the Dominion of Bernalwood.

The videos have been now released as a series of installments optimized for Web-length attention spans, and they feature both me and Bernalwood’s brave Cub Reporter. In the first episode, our home is given a thorough inspection, and we are subjected to a somewhat terrifying jostle in an earthquake simulator — which the Cub Reporter endured with true native-Californian aplomb:

In the second installment, we hone our duck-and-cover technique in various awkward and uncomfortable places throughout our home:

The third episode reveals (somewhat embarrassingly) that I had neglected to properly secure the bookcase that sits next to the Cub Reporter’s cute little Hello Kitty bed. DOH!

Thus, with my humiliation complete, I now encourage you to find out more about how to prepare for the Big One.

10 thoughts on “… In Which I Am Revealed to Be Only Marginally Prepared for a Very Big Earthquake

  1. Totally awesome star turn by the Cub Reporter. Informative series as well. Although we have bolted furniture to the walls, we have the cluttered-shelf problem, so I was glad to learn how to solve that.

    I’m still counting on the chert, though. Most days, my dog presents it with a (ahem) contribution in the recognition of the chert’s beneficence.

  2. Good work there, Todd. Courageous of you to play model and example (good and bad) for earthquakes, even if we are feeling more safe given the chert underneath us.

  3. Brave work! But the videos on the main blog page are totally different from the ones on this post. I see one a Check, Please review of Vega and 2 videos about roasting techniques!

    • I’ve seen that happen too, but not now. I thought at the time that it might be some side effect of my NoScript or RequestPolicy plug-ins for Firefox. Don’t suppose you’re using those?

      • I’ll send a screen grab if I see it again, but I think (or guess) I fixed it by allowing some YouTube-related cross-site request in the Firefox RequestPolicy plug-in.

        Last time I saw the problem, it manifested itself as a vintage Brendan Lai Kung Fu video where the Check, Please review was supposed to be, which prompted me to leave some wise-ass comment like “Your gnocchi is no match for my Mantis Style!”

        Which probably confused everyone except maybe Robert W. if he was having the same malfunction.

  4. I use Firefox but don’t use RequestPolicy. I just checked and don’t see the problem with IE, but I still see it with FF. I don’t see a way to post it to the blog, but I can email it to you.

    In short, if I click on the first video shown on the main Bernalwood page for this story I watch a review of Vega restaurant from Check, Please. The other two videos are also for cooking shows.

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