Oops! Bernalwood Forgets Its First Anniversary

I just looked back at some of the logs for this blog and realized… yesterday was Bernalwood’s first anniversary. Nice work! We forgot our own birthday!

Bernalwood began not with a bang, but with a sound-check. The complete text of our very first post read as follows:

We Are Live, People
Posted on November 28, 2010 by Todd_Lappin

Is this thing on? Check, one-two. ONE-TWO. Check, check….

Very auspicious, eh?

I won’t bother describing all the reasons why Bernalwood was started, because that has very little to do with what inspires and animates it today. I will say that working on Bernalwood for the last year has been a marvelous experience, in ways that I never would have imagined.

Bernalwood is an Internet thing, but it has become an incredibly powerful tool for converting digital bytes into atom-to-atom human relationships. I can’t describe how many terrific people I’ve met because of this blog, and how many new friends and neighbors I’ve gotten to know along the way. In fact, many of those relationships already feel so familiar that it’s hard to believe they’re less than a year old.

So thanks to everyone who helped make this year so fun: Bernalwood’s regular cast of contributors, our colorful coterie of commenters, all you phabulous photographers, our marvelous Bernal merchants, those strident separatists from La Lengua, and our many thousands of next-door neighbors.

Onward! For glamour! For the Dominion of Bernalwood!

19 thoughts on “Oops! Bernalwood Forgets Its First Anniversary

  1. Happy birthday! The Bernalwood blog has become such a very important part of my day. Sometimes for some really important information, sometimes for a good laugh, sometimes for inspiration in our fellow beings and sometimes for a beautiful or funny or moving photograph. Thank you so much for being so dedicated and bringing your vision and insight to our wonderful corner of the best city in the country.

  2. Happy birthday, Bernalwood! I LOVE this blog. Being a pretty new transplant, Bernalwood has been an amazingly helpful thing to read as I settle into life here. I look forward to reading it every day.

  3. Thank you Bernalwood. You are one of the cleverest, coolest blogs i have ever encountered. I lived over by the panhandle for 14 years or so and was really sad and felt isolated when i moved down to mighty bernalwood almost 2 years ago. Thanks to your blog i feel almost as connected and excited about my new neighborhood as i felt over in 94117. I look forward to another many years of your smart and funny neighborhood observer and i thank you for making a new Bernalist feel connected to her new neighborhood. Happy birthday Bernalwood!!

  4. No way, I had no idea bernalwood was only a year old. No wonder I didn’t hear about it sooner! I thought after living here for 7 years and only finding out about it some months ago that I had been missing out all that time. Glad to know I didn’t miss too much afterall. Also, my son’s first birthday is tomorrow. That really puts it in context for me. I can “feel” bernalwood’s age, the way I can feel his. Happy Birthday! When and where is the party? Helipad?

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