Bernal Heights Artist Installs Huge Glass Sculpture in Tokyo

So, what was I doing in Tokyo last week? Three things:

  1. Walking around aimlessly all over the city.
  2. Eating a lot of staggeringly good food.
  3. Visiting the installation of a new piece by Bernal Heights glass sculptor Nikolas Weinstein.

Nik’s Studio is on Valencia Street, hidden behind a laundromat in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone. It’s a fascinating place jammed with intricate machinery and full-scale glass prototypes dangling from the ceiling. To give a sense of what I mean, here’s a photo of the interior of the studio I took a few years ago:

Office Window

Nikolas specializes in creating glass sculptures inspired by organic forms:

His site-specific installations lie at the intersection of art, architecture and the natural world, leveraging new technologies to build works in glass. The sculptures respond sympathetically to the definition of architectural space, and range in scale from small and intimate to very large works.

Ever noticed the billowing glass sculptures that hang from the skylights at Bar Agricole in SOMA? Nik’s team created those, although many of their clients — and their creations — are in Asia.

The newest one is in Tokyo, where the studio is installing a large, suspended glass piece in the lobby of the new headquarters for the Kajima Corporation. Here’s how it looked on Sunday afternoon:

Tokyo Installation

Pretty soon, all that scaffolding will be gone, and the piece will become the centerpiece of a glamorous new high-rise building in Tokyo. It’s visible 24-7 from the street outside, so if you’re ever in Tokyo and feeling homesick, you can always go visit.

Tokyo Installation

And the rest of us can take some world-class pride in knowing that it was created right here in the Dominion of Bernalwood. がんばれ ベルナルハイツ!!

UPDATE: Tuesday November 29, 4:30 pm

The Nikolas Weinstein Studios team just emailed a few new installation photos from Tokyo. Here’s Nikolas (at left), working with the Japanese construction team to make a few final adjustments to the piece. Cute helmets, fellas!

And here’s how the finished piece looks. Tomorrow, we’re told, that scaffolding floor will be removed. Lovely!

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics, Nikolas Weinstein Studios

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