A Celebration of Last Night’s Superb Sunset

Reader Winston just sent this along to the Bernalwood hotline:

Yesterday my partner and I decided to take an impromptu, post-nap, sunset stroll up Bernal Hill, and we were rewarded with an amazing sunset; I thought Bernalwood citizens might enjoy if they missed (even though I’d been to groggy to grab my dslr, and just had my iPhone cam).  We sat on the west slope of the “peak” to watch the actual sunset, and then the first two pics of Bernal Hill and the amazing “Titian”-hued skies were taken from the lower, eastern slope.

The great thing about last night’s sunset: we were serenaded by two separate “troubadours,” one young man facing southwest, and one young woman singing to a young man on the northeast, both quite good; you can actually barely pick out their tiny silhouettes in these pics, the man to the left of the trees, and the woman right under the tree at right.  I’ve also included some pics I’ve played with to give an “oil painting” feel to highlight the amazing color yesterday evening.  Enjoy!

So great, and you can click any of the images above to embiggen. Fool that I am, I was in my garage around sunset, so I missed the whole thing. Doh!

PHOTOS: Reader Winston

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