Got Chickens? Got Goats? Bernal Veterinarians Are Here to Help

Cats are cute, but cliche. Dogs are delightful, but a dime a dozen. If you keep chickens or goats on your property in Bernal Heights (it happens!), you may be glad to know that Jena Valdez is part of a small team of veterinarians who stand ready to help with all your livestock health-care needs. In a note to Bernalwood, she writes:

As a veterinarian here in Bernal, I was very excited to hear about the chicken/goat venture over on Folsom. Two other fellow veterinarians and I are in the early stages of forming a non-profit group which would serve the needs of backyard farmers here (by providing advice on husbandry, basic medicine, etc). Although we all currently see small animals at our “real jobs,” we all have livestock backgrounds, and are looking for a way to provide a service and get our hands on some barnyard critters!  We realize there are a growing number of backyard farmers who might need a hand, and we want to put our skills to good use. We plan to start with Bernal, but eventually we’d like to work with livestock city-wide.

If your chickens or goats need some attention, contact Veterinarian Jena & Co. via email at <byvets AT gmail DOT com>  — that’s short for “Backyard Vets” until they figure out a snazzier name.

PHOTO: Veterinarian Jena, with friend

2 thoughts on “Got Chickens? Got Goats? Bernal Veterinarians Are Here to Help

  1. This is great! I’m moving to Bernal and am finally going to get to raise chickens in my backyard again (I used to have them years ago when I was in Oakland). I’m so happy that there’s a community growing up around this. Chickens are great but can be awfully fragile, so it’ll be great to have a vet to go to for advice and treatment. So glad to hear about this, thanks!

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