Who Created that Cool Kinetic Sculpture in Holly Park?

La Principessa Errante, a blog about San Francisco art and architecture, has the answer. The sculpture is called Odonatoa, and it was created by Joyce Hsu:

Born in Hong Kong, Joyce Hsu received her BFA from the Mount Allison University in Canada in 1996 and her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1998. She works out of Oakland and creates all kinds of mechanical sculptures.

This kinetic sculpture of painted stainless is one of many insects that Joyce has created.

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6 thoughts on “Who Created that Cool Kinetic Sculpture in Holly Park?

  1. We pass this sculpture probably twice a week and my toddler always says, “Dee Helly-copter? Dee Helly-copter?”

    Maybe he’s had too many heli-pads.

  2. FYI, this information is also on a plaque right next to the sculpture. I was hoping to see it move, but the day that I passed it, it did not.

  3. My memory is a bit fuzzy. Here’s what I remember.
    When Holly Park was being renovated, the Arts Commission invited 5 or 6 residents to meet to consider from among projects that had been submitted for this location.
    It was a difficult choice because the submissions were all imaginative and well executed. What made it even harder was that two of the artists lived in Bernal. We were given some direction by the Arts Commission facilitator. Because Holly Park is so windy, we looked to select something that included movement. This artist’s work was unique enough to convince us.
    Unfortunately, the Odonatao ran into trouble because it was just too responsive to the wind! It was quite something to see when the parts were in motion. The artist tried several times to slow it down, and finally disengaged it.
    I’ve always been sad to see it frozen– but it is neat to look at! Certainly one of a kind.

  4. First, thank you so very much for picking up my blog and sending it on. I also want to thank Eugenie, that is absolutely fascinating, and I will be adding her comments as an addendum to my post.

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