Trippy Clouds and Empathy for the Vassals of La Lengua

Bernalwood Norrhwest

I took this photo with my iPhone last weekend while waiting for the traffic light on Valencia Street at Cesar Chavez. In the flash of an instant, I had two distinct thoughts:

1) Wow, doesn’t Bernal Hill look lovely against that freaky-streaky sky?!

2) No wonder those uppity La Lenguans resent us, the Overlords of Bernal Heights. It must feel so frustrating for them, to live down in the flats, having always to look up at our glamorous hill that towers majestically over their homes and drinking establishments. Poor poor La Lenguans.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

10 thoughts on “Trippy Clouds and Empathy for the Vassals of La Lengua

  1. I don’t live in La Lengua (formerly known as the Mission Corridor) anymore, but that’s just a bad altitude. But if it makes you feel better about our own mean streets… the only things I resented about Bernal Hill when I lived along San Jose Ave. was that its mass delayed the morning sun by a tick, and that there was no funicular to take me to the Wild Side West. Now I get the morning light, but I resent the fact there’s no funicular going from bayshore to the Candy Store.
    nice pic

    • Mmmmmmaaybe. Does the rise up Shotwell between Chavez and Precita count as a hill? And doesn’t that connect me, in a geo-contiguous, pathetic social-climber sort of way, to the higher-altitude majesty of greater Bernal Hill? I mean, I can see the downtown skyline from the top floor of my house. Really! Honestly! I can!

      • Don’t respond! Paul is obviously a plant from the La Lengua’s equivalent of the CIA, which undoubtedly wants to stoke more revolutionary/secessionist fervor, thereby reducing the footprint of imperial Bernalwood.

  2. I think there’s a strong case for a new designation of the Administrative Zone of Precitaville; the 4th Estate of the Sovereign Domain of Bernalwood … Todd seems to waste away a lot of time there.

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