The Plywood Comes Off the New Precita Park Cafe

After many months of construction and veiled mystery, the plywood has been removed from the facade of the forthcoming Precita Park Cafe at the eastern end of the park. As Bernalwood previously reported:

The former Riteway Market will soon be home to the Precita Park Cafe. What will that be like? The precise details are unknown, but the new restaurant will serve food and light drink. It’s a project of Rachel Herbert, who also operates the Dolores Park Cafe and the Duboce Park Cafe, so it’s safe to assume the Precita Park Cafe will be a classy joint. There’s been talk that Precita Park Cafe may have a kid-friendly emphasis, which would be swell, because the cafe is just across the street from the uber-chic Precita Park playground.

Our friend Tim Dickinson poked his head in at the Precita Park Cafe today to do some sleuthing, and he shared these particulars:

Precita Park Cafe opening in “3-4 weeks” per dude inside — promised beer on tap: “they have the license and everything”

Sounds good. But as I drove home tonight, I was able to snap this spycam shot of the interior. Looks promising, but still much work to be done!

PHOTOS: Exterior, Bernal Journal. Interior, Telstar Logistics

11 thoughts on “The Plywood Comes Off the New Precita Park Cafe

  1. Even if the place turns out to be only halfway decent I’ll probably be in there 4 times a week. I’ve often lamented that us north slope dwellers need to go all the way to 24th St, or over the hill to Cortland, to get a decent cup of coffee (why Park Bench and Charlie’s both have such awful coffee has long confounded me).

  2. Very psyched about this addition to the hood. It’s exactly what we always hoped would go in there. I was always worried that the location wouldn’t get enough foot traffic to support a large cafe. I hope I’m wrong…

  3. North slopers rejoice! Saw the picture windows this morn and thought “Finally!” And if they put that awful “Italian” place at the other end of Precita out of biz, more’s the better.

    • Caffe Cozzalino is a Precita Park staple. It has so much history going back to the 60’s. Yes shee shee its not. But old school it is. If you want lasagna or spaghetti this place always is requested by my kids.

  4. Hey Karen! Cozzolino’s is apparently up for sale – Bill got the scoop this morning from people at the Harvest Hills who said that a consortium of neighborhood businesses are interested in going in on a shared kitchen situation there. Not sure about the details but very exciting since we live on the block. Woot.

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  6. Anyone have an update on Precita Park Cafe opening date? I seriously hope they have better breakfast options than just bagels. Anyway, it has been “4-6 weeks” since this post, and they still look like they are 4-6 weeks from opening.

    Re: Cafe Cozz – just because it’s old, doesn’t make it good. I have watched them microwave my soup, and seen moldy cheese in the fridge. They’ve lost their passion. I tried to get kitchen nightmares to go there, but never heard back from the scout. Oh well.

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