Help Our Senior Seismologist Create a Custom Calendar of Local Landmarks

Julian Lozos is Bernalwood’s Senior Seismologist. When he’s not providing up-to-the-minute insight about local earthquakes or extolling the virtues of our beloved chert, he also dabbles in illustration. Julian’s latest project is a Kickstarter effort to create an illustrated calendar of anthropomorphized San Francisco landmarks.

Whaaaa? Let’s let Julian explain:

The gist of this project is San Francisco and anthropomorphism. These are my interpretations of what many of San Francisco’s major landmarks would look like (and act like) if they were humans. Anthropomorphism as an artistic and literary device goes waaay back, so why not extend it to some of the structures and icons whose personalities contribute so much to the character of the larger City?

Thanks to Burrito Justice for coining the term and then letting me run with it.

Why San Francisco, then?

Because I’m madly and hopelessly in love with the place, and I know I’m not the only one. Even those who are not so infatuated as I am have to admit it’s a pretty darn picturesque city.

Ok, wording aside, what is this project?

It’s a 2012 calendar featuring drawings of personified landmarks in their setting within the cityscape. It’s kind of a send-up of those calendars of pretty pictures of famous landmarks that you see in every gift shop in any city: that kind of scenery, but replacing the actual landmark with a human character based on that landmark. Since this is a San Francisco calendar specifically, in addition to including all the standard US holidays, it will also have key dates in the City’s history included in the day grid itself.

The final print size will be 8.5×11 inch pages – 11×17 once it’s unfolded. The prints will be in full color on glossy paper, with a glossy cardstock cover. They’ll be bound with a staple and have a hole punched in the top for ease in hanging. They will not be individually shrink-wrapped, because that’s not green at all, and this is San Francisco.

Lots more detail, and explanation about how to participate here (and don’t miss Julian’s video at the top).

Oh, and what about Bernal Heights? Julian has Bernal covered — only there’s no anthropomorphism involved. Fans of caninemorphism will the thrilled, however, because Julian represents Bernal as a dog with Sutrito Tower markings… naturally:


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