Fog and Sun: Two Flavors of Bernal Hill Time-Lapse Video

Joe Thomas lives in Bernal Heights, and from his house he’s got a nice view of the tower atop Bernal Hill. He recently used that to good advantage by creating this chiaroscuro time-lapse video that shows the tower coming in and out of view amid the all-encompassing fog that is our fate this time of year.

For something a little warmer, Joe also made a sunny-day video taken from the same spot:

Also, following up on our previous post about how Bernal’s microwave tower needs a name, Joe proposes that we call it “Sutrito.” I quite like that, actually. “Sutrito Tower.” (The mini-me resemblance is undeniable.) Thoughts?

UPDATE: 23 Aug 2011

Rebel La Lenguan Burrito Justice shot some superb time-lapse video recently that shows Sutro Tower (aka Sutro Grande) floating in a river of fog. Behold:

17 thoughts on “Fog and Sun: Two Flavors of Bernal Hill Time-Lapse Video

  1. I like using the reference to Sutro Tower and the diminutive (“ito). However, the small phonetic difference in Sutro and Sutrito could be widened to allow for better differentiation while still accomplishing the association. Though not a scholar of the Spanish language and how diminutives are typically formed, I would propose Sutrotito.

    Notice the difference:
    SU Tro-TI-To

    • Thanks for posting this, Bernalwood! I’m not a Spanish scholar either, but I haven’t seen “-tito” used as a suffix on a word that already ends in a vowel. I have seen “-cito,” especially on words that end in “e.”


      Any native speakers want to weigh in?

      • I finally got around to asking my neighbor Lupe, a native of Yucatan, whether he preferred Sutrito or Sutrocito. He’s for Sutrito, but not strongly so.

        Meanwhile, Bernalwood continues to suppress evidence of Satanic apparitions on Bernal Hill…

  2. One can see the tower atop of Bernal Hill from inside Candlestick Park. Here’s a pic I took during Saturday’s game. The fog would blur it out every once in a while.

    BTW, Salvadoreans can’t just call me Juan. They all call me Juancito. Apparently, it’s common to add -ito to names in El Salvador.

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