Creepy Pentagram Triggers Mirth, Media Frenzy, and Tales of Animal Sacrifice (Pretty Much in That Order)

After Bernalwood (ahem!) broke the story last week about a creepy pentagram found on Bernal Hill that was still dripping with unholy ritualistic ooze, a rather predictable media frenzy ensued. The SFWeekly picked up on the story, suggesting it may have something to do with practices associated with the Santeria religion (although, apparently, Santarians aren’t into pentagrams). Then KTVU sent over a talking head to do a video segment on the incident, spicing it up with tales of animal sacrifice and concerns about pet safety:

Those who first spotted it Wednesday morning told KTVU they came across something even more eerie than just the painted symbol.

“A cross with pure blood there and black candles at each of the ends of the cross,” said Beatrice, a Bernal Heights resident. “And there was a bird, it was dead and full of blood too.”

Two longtime dog walkers told KTVU they believe the park has long been a site for animal sacrifice with cat and chicken parts occasionally dug up by dogs.

“They find goat heads and birds, mostly birds and rabbits and things like that,” said Michael Murphy, a dog walker. “The dogs dig them up because they bury them, they wrap them up in cloths or whatever.”

Murphy said he’s even found the severed heads of squirrels and pigeons left hanging in trees.

San Francisco Recreation and Parks officials said they were shocked to hear about the pentagram and said it’s unclear whether this has occurred before.

Dog walkers said the unusual activities at the park, high above the city, puts other animals at risk.

KTVU won’t let us embed their video, but you can watch it here.

Absent any more tangible facts, however, it’s only a matter of time until someone claims they have been turned into a newt. In the meantime, you can rest easy, because Park and Rec has covered over the pentagram with a thick coat of Satan-sealant paint:


And Reader Jay wonders:

Did their summoning ritual succeed? Does some cloven-foot demon now stalk Bernalwood? Will he dress in vintage clothing? Be spotted at a garage sale? Feast on the denizens of La Lengua before returning to Hades?

Of course, when that happens, we’ll send over our own satellite truck to investigate.

Bernalwood Action News

“Reporting live from Bernal Heights, this is Bernalwood Action News!”

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9 thoughts on “Creepy Pentagram Triggers Mirth, Media Frenzy, and Tales of Animal Sacrifice (Pretty Much in That Order)

  1. Something has been going on for years. The morning after an equinox (or sometimes a full moon ) there is a trail of some kind of white powder from Bocana up to the hill, splotches about the size of a silver dollar up to double that size. I’ve often wondered what the substance is, looks very much like flour. Not very conspicuous, unless it catches your attention, and then whoa!
    Now I look for the splotches.
    I don’t go to the top of the bill, just on the road. But not a surprising story.

    Did you already cover the rock labyrinth? I love that . . .
    and thanks for the posts, my family enjoys them.

  2. This story has kept me giggling.

    “Murphy said he’s even found the severed heads of squirrels and pigeons left hanging in trees.”
    Of course, the hawks that lurk on the hill just couldn’t be responsible for those heads hanging in the trees. They would never be so untidy. Blaming them wouldn’t be half as exciting or funny, I’ll admit.

    In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye out for chupacabra. 🙂

  3. This really makes me want to hang out on the Hill next equinox. I guess that would be September 21 right? Anyone want to organize a field trip to see if we can get in on the action? I’ll bring the blood, but I don’t know where to get any virgins or squirrel heads. At least not fresh ones.

    • waah. We’re out of town! but let us know how it goes . . . if you come back! LOL.
      btw, I’m thinking the white power is so that it shows white in the moonlight.

  4. Wild, that David Stephenson reporter guy was the one I saw in Progressive Grounds asking how to get to the pentagram! I assumed he was a suspiciously well-dressed cultist.

  5. My dog paid very close attention to whatever was left over in the middle of that pentagram last week, and I wondered why. Animal blood seems a persuasive answer.

  6. So… That’s what the gray paint was about… Big deal…
    And it’s worth mentioning that dogs are frequently drawn to discarded food scraps and just about anything with a strong organic odor. Ever seen dogs try to roll in the “mud” that is just in front of the first bench near the north gate? I’m pretty sure there’s no eye-of-newt or chicken-blood there…
    Actually I hope paranoia grows about occult rituals and scary symbols. The hill needs more mythology.
    From Scenic Skullhouse

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