Bernal Supper Club Morphs into Tasty Pop-Up Restaurant

Check this out: A trio of very dedicated amateur chefs from Bernal Heights have decided to go semi-pro. Called the Bernal Supper Club, they’re taking their kitchen game up a notch by launching a pop-up restaurant that will be open just one night a week. Their pal Theresa brings the deets:

Bernal Supper Club started out as a group of friends who got together at least once a week for dinner. The menu was usually decided around 1 pm, depending on who was inspired to cook and what was fresh. The guest list was never finalized until all the food was gone. People gathered through shouts over the back fence, word of mouth, and last minute calls. The core group all lived in Bernal Heights and, like the neighborhood, they included young and old, professionals and artists, gay and straight, and a whole heck of a lot of dogs.

Miles Carnahan gradually became the focal point of the group as he developed as a chef and introduced a farmer’s market focus. The festivities deserved commemoration, so Tamara Radler became the archivist and created the name Bernal Supper Club. She posted photos of the food and “framily” (friends who are family and family who are friends) recording the culinary development of the event.

What started as a framily affair has now entered a new era. The next generation, the children of our friends (and now an integral part of the framily), Tony Ferrari, Jonathan Sutton, and their foody friends, are phenomenal chefs. They’ve brought Bernal Supper Club to a level we never imagined– Bernal Supper Club is going pop-up!

Every Monday night in August, Bernal Supper Club will be serving farmer’s market inspired cuisine at The Corner (18th & Mission) from 5:30 – 10:00. Branching out to the larger community, our dream is to keep the framily spirit, embrace the larger community, and eat amazing, seasonal food. We hope to see you there.

Check out the menu from the first installment of the Bernal Supper Club, last weekend:

Yum. The only obvious flaw here is that the Bernal Supper Club is actually happening in The Mission. (WTF?!) Happily, Bernalwood has been assured that an effort to find a suitable Bernal location is in the works. So the meantime, get your visa renewed for a Monday night visit to The Mission this month, park your fixie outside, and check out the Bernal Supper Club at The Corner during a Monday night in August.

Find out more on the Bernal Supper Club blog or on the Facebook.

PHOTOS: Top, Bernal Supper Club Chefs. Bottom, Corn Tortellini from the August 1 BSC. Photos courtesy of Jon Hope

10 thoughts on “Bernal Supper Club Morphs into Tasty Pop-Up Restaurant

  1. I’ll wait til they come back to Bernal. That is a crunk-ass corner. Every time I go to Gracias Madre, there is some nasty shit going on down there. The last time, there was a crazy woman in a turban and bathrobe walking down the street and smashing religious candles. Then she stopped, pulled out her PENIS, and pissed in one. It really whet my appetite!

    • Local color– that’s why we love the Mission. Anyway, that probably was a performance artist with a MacArthur “genius” grant!

  2. Did they check with that space on Caesar Chavez owned by Chicken John? I’ve attended other underground restaurants there.

  3. Cool! Though I wish the pop up would happen actually in Bernal proper. But this also brings up a great question, are there any underground dinners going on in the homes of Bernalites that are open to new members?

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