Bougainvillea Explosion on Crescent and Folsom

Bougainvillea Explosion

No Photoshop retouching or color-enhancement here; This is a straight-from-the-camera photo of an intensely colorful Bougainvillea on Crescent Street that’s currently broadcasting to the entire neighborhood in intense, Technicolor purple.

Strap on your sunglasses as we zoom in for a closer look… if you dare:

Bougainvillea Explosion


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3 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Explosion on Crescent and Folsom

  1. Simply stunning. Bougainvilleas always make me think of an explosion of joy. The colors are just so darned happy. Thank you for sharing those.

  2. I passed some today on Telegraph Hill that made me wish for a second pair of sunglasses. (French family friends in town; fun to play tour guide after only a few days back home!) Bougainvillaea is the official flower of Guam! It’s on the license plates.

  3. You missed the best part of these bushes! They totally hang over the sidewalk on Crescent so it’s like a bright little bower you get to mosey on through on your way to catch the 67.

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