Effort to Weed Out Succulent Thefts Spreads Like Kudzu

With a little luck, relief may be at hand for public gardeners in Bernal Heights who are fed up with having their drought-resistant plants stolen by botanical bandits. Indeed, the last few days have generated a tidy crop of media coverage about the thievery menace.

Under the headline “Plant thievery in full bloom in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights,” this item ran in yesterday’s San Francisco Examiner:

Watchdog residents in the Bernal Heights area are frustrated with thieves raiding their gardens. They have written about their experiences on Bernalwood, a neighborhood blog. Here are some examples of thefts:

– Man seen cutting agave plants at intersection of Montezuma Street and Coso and Mirabel avenues
– Succulents being stolen all up and down Ripley Street between Folsom and Alabama streets
– Jasmine plant taken from planter on Folsom Street between Precita Avenue and Ripley Street
– Succulents in front-yard planters on Nevada Street and Powhattan Avenue cut
– Succulents and flower cut from front yard on College Avenue in St. Mary’s Park
– Beheaded succulents in pots on Southern part of Bernal–Crescent Avenue
– Small Japanese maple in a pot stolen from front steps at Cortland Avenue and Coleridge Street
– Aeoniums “neatly cut off” along Guerrero medians, Guerrero Park, sidewalk gardens
– Aeoniums twice stolen from home on Anderson Street

Woo hoo! (Thanks for the Hat Tip, SFEx!)

Then this morning, Bernal gardener extraordinaire ChuckB zapped us on the Twitter:

Most helpfully of all, though, an officer from the SFPD reached out to Bernalwood readers via the comments section to solicit help in tracking down the culprits. He wrote:

I am Officer Broderick Elton #320 with San Francisco Police Department. I am investigating the series of plant thefts and damages.

I suggest that anybody who has had their plants stolen or damaged to please file a report online via http://sf-police.org/index.aspx?page=778 , or call 311 to file the report over the phone. I am attempting to consolidate this information and follow leads generated by the community. Please forward any information on possible suspects and report numbers to me.

I have spoken with several residents whom are going to assist in getting the word out to all the community regarding this issue. Flyers similar to this will be delivered to residents and made available at community meetings.

Ingleside Police have been notified of this ongoing issue and are committed to helping resolve it.

I have read the blogs and am currently investigating those leads. […]

I may be contacted via email broderick.elton@sfgov.org

Thanks to Officer Elton for getting on the case, and to all Ye Citizens of Bernalwood, please remember what we said recently about the virtuous benefits of reporting crimes even if the SFPD doesn’t always send a car out to investigate: If you don’t report it, it’s like the crime never happened.


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