Heroic Volunteers Tidy Up the Ugliest Spot In Bernal Heights

Wow. Wow! WOW! If ever there was a story that epitomizes the spirit of Bernalwood (apart from our collective obsession with celebrity, glamour, and haute couture), it is this…

As you may recall, last week Bernalwood published a post about The Ugliest Spot in Bernal Heights, a barren patch of east slope hillside overlooking Highway 101 and the Spaghetti Bowl. Well, upon reading that post, a few of your Bernal neighbors decided to do something about it, and they volunteered to spend time on Saturday cleaning up the hillside mess. Yup, that’s right: They stepped up to clean the mess!

Neighbor Mia talks about the cleanup effort on her blog:

This Saturday, me and Josh headed over to give it a quick clean up, which took about an hour. You can see the rest of the results in my flickr stream.

There was a fair amount of trash strewn around, and a real mess of broken wood and bits of concrete and stone. It looked like most of this junk may have come from a nearby fence renovation project.

First we removed the graffiti from the sign, with a spray cleanerthat worked surprisingly well. We then used the discarded building and fence supplies to make a bench (where one can sit and contemplate “progress”) and couple of cairns/shrines/ompahli (depending on what you like to call a pile of rocks).

Here’s a photo of that ad hoc new bench:

So if you see a tear rolling down my cheek right now, please know that I’m not existentially bummed out like that sad Native American (who was really Italian-American) in the “Keep America Beautiful” commercial. No, these are tears of pride and admiration for the infinite awesomeness of the Citizens of Bernalwood.

THANK YOU to Neighbor Mia and the rest of her Cleanup Crüe for a job well done.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Mia

10 thoughts on “Heroic Volunteers Tidy Up the Ugliest Spot In Bernal Heights

  1. If we all did just a little bit! I have started a garden on Bernal Heights Blvd. at the Prentiss Street stairs and my husband and I pick up trash on our daily morning walk. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference!!

  2. Thanks everyone – it was actually good fun, and we were surprised how much we could get done in an hour!
    I also have to credit my husband Josh with coming up with the building-materials-into-bench idea – it worked so well!
    Is anyone interested in giving us a hand to do a further cleanup on Saturday 13 July at 11am? We can organize a Zipcar pickup truck – has anyone got a weed whacker or two?

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