Some Useful Services Offered via the Good Life Bulletin Board

Signs of the Times

My my… There are so many handy service providers available via the bulletin board outside the Good Life grocery on Cortland! For example, you can sign up to learn guitar in a variety of neighborhood-appropriate styles from the teacher above.

Or, you can learn the harmonica. Even better, maybe you can learn guitar and harmonica at the same time, to master that Bob Dylan/Neil Young singer-songwriter schtick that requires playing both instruments simultaneously.

Signs of the Times

Or perhaps your needs are deeper and more spiritually complicated? In which case, you may have need for a hypnoterapist. And really, what could be better than a hypnotherapy referral that came from a handbill tacked to the front of your neighborhood grocery store?

Sign of the Times

Ah yes, but in the end, the joke is on me. Because when I walked down the block to Four Star Video, I saw this handbill inside. A discount couples therapist who advertises on a bulletin board at the neighborhood video store? Apparently, such services are very much in demand:

Signs of the Times

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5 thoughts on “Some Useful Services Offered via the Good Life Bulletin Board

  1. The counselor is an intern trying to accrue hours for her license. Typically this is done by offering the community therapy at a reduced rate. Just sayin…

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