The Triumphant Return of Bernal Hill’s Lost Garbage Can

Important news for Bernal Hill dog walkers and/or enemies of errant fecal matter: The Lost Garbage Can of Bernal Boulevard has returned, now in a stylish new location across from our glamorous new Vista Pointe minipark.

Newbie Neighbor Rally provides the photo above, and the straight poop. (Sorry, couldn’t resist):

Good news for those who care about the mundane, yet mysteriously glamourous details of life in lovely Bernal Heights. The trash can that had gone in missing at the bottom of Bernal Hill is BACK! This caused quite the stir around here, even the awesome Bernalwood blog talked about it.

Here we see its glorious return, now repositioned across the street from its former location.

Woo hoo! Less poo! Meanwhile, Neighbor Renee adds:

PHOTO: Stolen with gratitude from Rally P/Going West

2 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return of Bernal Hill’s Lost Garbage Can

  1. When a trash can is placed, it almost magically is surrounded by old mattresses, carpet rolls and other large trashy items.
    Viola! Truly wondrous phenomenon!

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