Sexy, Stoner-Friendly New Parklet Installed on 29th Street

Reader Rita sends along some news about the first parklet to appear in the Dominion of Bernalwood:

Down here in the flats (or La Lengua, or south Mission, or whatever our neighborhood gets called these days) our first parklet was just installed at Café Seventy8 on 29th Street!  Anette Roeber and her co-owners worked with the neighborhood, a local architect: Hugh  Hynes of PROTOinc and another neighbor Matt Walsh who worked with Dan Piche and Jon Petterson, all of Saturn Construction to build out the parklett this weekend.  Finishing touches and plants will be installed on the 30th when the Tiffany Avenue neighbors are celebrating theer one year anniversary of planting of the sidewalk gardens.  Then it will just be a matter of when the city installs the bike corral in the space close to the corner!

Nice work, people. That looks great! Note also, the new parklet is literally across the street from the Bernal Heights Collective. Stoner bonus!

PHOTOS: Reader Rita

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