SF Police Investigating Bernal Heights Plant, Garden Thefts

Here’s some encouraging news for crimefighters and public-spirited gardeners.

In the comments to this post and this post about recent plant thefts in Bernal Heights, Bernalwood readers have informed us that the San Francisco Police are now actively investigating the crimes, with an eye toward capturing the horticultural kleptomaniacs responsible.

Here’s a comment posted today by Reader Joyce:

Yesterday we got a visit from a very nice police officer regarding our thefts that I posted about earlier.  Indeed, they are taking this very seriously, and I notified them about this website’s postings.  Officer Elton explained the process of how things may move forward.   Any information you can provide to them would be most helpful.  He is fully expecting to be inundated with information from all of you.  You can contact him at his email address:  Broderick.F.Elton@sfgov.org

6 thoughts on “SF Police Investigating Bernal Heights Plant, Garden Thefts

  1. I should try to find the picture in my Flickr stream of the wanted sign someone posted on Virginia St. last year looking for information about who stole their plants. It had been scrawled on with “Stop gentrification!” and “Buy new plants!”. Apparently, plants threaten diversity. Or they’re racist. Or something.

  2. OK… I just sent a message to the officer about our small stolen succulent and 2 ripe lemons.
    Felt sort of silly, but… whatever helps…

  3. This same thief has hit my house three times now. Just when my succulents start looking all nice and pretty, they cut em off. Leaving an ugly stump that sometimes does or does not grow new foliage. This actually really pisses me off big time and if I were a violent type… Since I am not, I am looking into setting up a camera.

    I’m about to send an email to officer Elton too.

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