Dog Owners Love New Park But Lament Lost Garbage Can

No sooner had the ribbon been cut at the new Vista Pointe mini-park on Bernal Hill than some dog owners began complaining in the comments that although the new park is grand, somewhere along the line the City removed the garbage can that used to sit at the northeast corner of the lot.

That left pet owners with no place to deposit their doggy-doo, so some have apparently launched a poop-in to protest the disappearance of their beloved trash receptacle. New neighbor RallyP — a dog owner — created the graphic above, and he summarizes the scene:

We’re already seeing evidence of either civil disobedience, or just plain laziness and rudeness (or both?). Hopefully they’re just replacing the old garbage can with something newer and better. Otherwise, this may become a more common sight here 😦

So, paging our friends at City DPW. Heeeeeelp!!! Any chance we can get that garbage can back?

UPDATE: 7 July, 2011

This just came in via the Twitter:

Translated: According to Julian Wyler, the local celebrity who organized the Vista Pointe minipark project, the City Department of Public Works planned to install a new garbage can across the street from the park, but that hasn’t happened. So now it’s time to nag. Please place a call via the 311 telephone hotline to express your desire to have the replacement trash can installed.

IMAGE: goingWest

16 thoughts on “Dog Owners Love New Park But Lament Lost Garbage Can

  1. I’d recommend calling/emailing Mohammed Nuru, Deputy Director of DPW, per an update from the spring “hot spot” walk done by the BHNC and Supr. Campos’s office with DPW. Here is what Ailed wrote on BernalSafe:

    “VERY IMPORTANT: Mr. Nuru also suggested that if there are issues that
    come up, it’s better to contact him at as some
    of the ways these can be resolved won’t be possible via 311.”

    DPW’s number is (415) 554-6920
    And Mr. Nuru’s profile is at

  2. When Newsom was mayor he launched an abortive campaign against public trash cans, on the grounds that they just encouraged people to use them, and that cost the city money. Arf

  3. This is ridiculous. There needs to be more garbage cans poop or no poop. Other things go into garbage cans beside dog poop. And for all you that say “take it home”. Well in a lot of cases though you may do that ,many do not. So given we all pay taxes I support more garbage cans not fewer.

  4. And it continues… although now, it’s usually one lonely poop bag placed on one of the rocks. So weird. Thanks for the DPW contact, I’m going to email them.

  5. The Wall Street Journal just named San Francisco #1 for the crankiest citizens in America. Surprise, a San Franciscan has concocted a problem to suit their lack of personal responsibility. While we’re at it, why are you using plastic bags to dispose of organic material?

    • That’s funny, because Bernalwood just named the Wall Street Journal #1 for reactionary economic policy advocacy and tedious editorial page propaganda. Let’s call it even!

  6. i own a dog, walk my dog, live nearby, and despite all the urges in the world i have to leave his fecal-matter steaming on the sidewalk…i pick it up. that said, i like public trash cans.

    what if someone (i.e. ME) funded the building of a beautiful trashcan with the permission of the property owners…in line with their design motif…is there any chance that DPW would empty it?

  7. Why allow a trash can to remain in place and mar the design of a $61,000 garden that recalls the beauty of freeway fringe landscaping?

  8. I think it is ridiculous that we even have to have a conversation about why a public garbage can is needed. Regardless of dog poop we need more cans. When neighbors lobbied for one on Franconia St a few years ago we were told no – it brings more garbage. Crazy. Every day we are picking up trash from the night before. Paper, food wrap, cups, bottles and cans. Am I always supposed to bring that home? Usually we carry it to the corner can on our dog walks!!! I am happy to hear that a new one will be installed across the street. But I wonder how much it cost to move a perfectly good one.

    About calling 311 – good luck. Last year I called multiple times to get wood chips donated for the open space at Franconia and Esmerelda and still not a chip. We were tired of trimming a large grassy area on public property after 10 years with no help. The 311 folks were very polite, forwarded my request to the appropriate department, DPW finally sent 3 people (no call ahead – I just happened to see them or would have never known they were here) to survey where to dump the chips and still 1 year later no chips. Maybe Mr. Nuru will help.

    I think it is obscene that in a progressive city like San Francisco, where so many of us work to improve our neighborhoods, that we have to argue about dog poop and trash cans.

    Thanks again to everyone who brought us the new park. Much appreciated.


  9. If you are going to call it a park, and I have a difficult recognizing this new bunch of rocks and manicured plants a park, then like most parks, have a trash can. That is what parks often have…..a trash can on site. Also I have a difficult time understanding why and how this supposed park cost over 60,000 dollars.

  10. Can is now present across the street from the new landscaping venture. Bernalwood is go!

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