Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!!

Fellow Bernalwoodians, we have our first Blackberry Alert of the season.

Reader Leslie sent along this photo, which was taken at approximately 6:54 this morning. She reports the blackberries were spotted in a bramble alongside Folsom Street, at the foot of the park portion of the Hill. Leslie said “the texture was firm and the flavor was tart, but still delicious,” adding that “it’s not a full situation yet, but definitely worth watching.”

3 thoughts on “Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!! Blackberry Alert!!

  1. Yup, it’s starting. Got a tall drinking-glass full of nice ripe ones on Presidio trails yesterday. Smaller than supermarket berries but still juicy and tasty.

  2. You’re welcomed to come weed them off the hillside above our back patio. They’ve choked nearly everything else out.

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